THE FINAL YEAR Official Trailer (2018) Barack Obama John Kerry Political Documentary Movie HD

THE FINAL YEAR Official Trailer (2018) Barack Obama John Kerry Political Documentary Movie HD

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An account of President Barack Obama’s overseas coverage crew throughout their final 12 months in workplace.

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  1. Freeden says

    The comments section is about what I expected. And considering the right ran to Trump after Obama, it shows how much value their opinion is. For however bad you may have thought Obama was, how many conservatives now feel betrayed by Trump? I have my own criticisms about Obama, but I can only hope someone with greater political experience and influence can continue Obama's spirit of humanity, caring, and grace. For whatever you will criticize Obama about, he actually cared about people in this country. The fact that a man like Trump could be allowed to become president shows how much the people who hate Obama actually care about this country.

    But I digress, this seems like a very interesting and open look into White House politics. Hopefully, it's more of just a look and not too propagandist, though I can see it probably is. Lord knows we need this fond look back on someone about as far from Trump as you can get in a leader.

  2. Kevin Gillihan says

    No thanks. You've done quite enough to mess up the country Obama. I'd rather forget you.

  3. Brown Pir8 says

    The Trump mockumentary is going to be an Andy Samberg spoof starring a Trump impersonator that isn't a Baldwin.

  4. dipojones says

    Bunch of smooth talking, corrupt, fascist puppets in suits.

  5. Lee Ntantu says

    The good old days when we had actual competent people running our country.

  6. CJC Effect says

    Well there won't be any disagreements in this comment section….

  7. TheDeadPoet says

    Hmm, looking forward to ''The First Year'' that'll come out in 2020.

  8. BlueKnight says

    Looks interesting but for some reason there's gonna be war in the comments section with The Brain washed supposed "Right" and the extremely blinded "Left"

  9. Opus Dei says

    Left wingers worships Obama as a hero of progressivism and a savior of the left, and will vehemently defend him as a success no matter what.
    The reality is that has lead the left to a truly stunning decline. His stewartship has resulted in the democratic party being decimated, having lost
    900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. The republicans are now more powerful than they have been in over 80 years.
    Come the 2018 midterms they could win enough seats to have enough power to starting changing the Constitution. He ran on being "the most transparent
    administration in history" and went after whistleblowers who had to flee the country to escape him. He was immediatly handed a Nobel Peace Prize
    after his election for no reason, then proceeded to kill hundreds of innocents with drones while in power. He spent all the political capital he had
    on a health care reform law no in the death spiral that critics always said would happen. He entrusted his foreign policy to Hillary Clinton and it
    lead to disaster after disaster in the Middle East and the rise of ISIS under his watch.

    His Wall Street reforms froze lending and slowed the recovery
    The Russian reset ended with the rise of Vladimir Putin's influence.
    His promise of closing Gitmo remains unfulfilled.
    His campaigning against Brexit this year failed miserable to make any dent.
    His reign lead to the inflammation of racial tensions as he supported BLM, with racial relations sinking to lows we haven't seen in decades as whole
    Cities from Baltimore to Ferguson burned.
    The TPP he tried to ram down America's throat awakened a sleeping giant in the working class vote.
    … you could go on and on.
    What has this actually lead to?
    The country gave him the ultimate rebuke by electing not just any Republican successor, but his very arch nemesis.
    All his legacy that he has worked for, he now has to hand over to the one man who said he would tear it all down.

    Shakespeare himself could not have written a more complete destruction of a man.

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