The FIFA Club World Cup 2017 Is Coming!

Excitement ranges are already rising within the host cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and throughout the UAE as complete because it prepares to host the Club World Cup once more, having already carried out so in 2009 and 2010. And if you wish to be part of the final main footballing occasion of 2017, then take a look at the hyperlink under for extra particulars;

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  1. end my life says

    why dont they do the world cups in more accessible countries like uk or spain or italy

  2. eric says

    can someone explain the “his excellency” is that like being knighted and having sir in front of your name

  3. dshafesz says

    Does it always have to be in the Middle East or Japan? We want to see it in other continents too!

  4. M C says

    Pachuca will lose…You read it here first.

  5. Ashish Meena says

    We want next one in India now we broke avg all time attendance record of u 17 world cup we deserve it surely it will get better and help us to improve our football infrastructure

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