Welcome to a video that has been demonetized inner four% of the upload!! :”D
S V A S T A.

Slovenian legend:

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  1. Barbara4u2c says

    Welcome to a video that has been demonetized within Four% of the upload!! :”D

  2. It's All About FUN says

    I in reality cherished this video! Attributable to i do know there are a a whole bunch other folks in europe and in the relaxation of the field don't in reality know the numerous aspect of the fable! Trigger listen every fable or whatever has varied sides etc , Me personally i already knew what she's gonna say! And there are some substances she didn't mask in this video but it's all valid since she talked about the basics!! Effectively i gotta say my standpoint now , The truth hurts but here it is!! Right here is europe's fault!!!!! A thousand cases but now no longer all of the ecu countries some countries primarily germany! And ohh boy fucking italy too!!! My seek recordsdata from now to germany WHY would you fucking settle for oldsters whether they're criminals or now no longer! From africa and iran and iraq and south asia!!!!!!? And as neatly WHY would you settle for a TONS of syrians into your fucking country!!!!!!? And now let's talk about italy ?? Ohh gosh soo i in reality don't wanna talk about it but i'll talk about it as a minimal why the fuck would you let these criminals from africa particularly!!! Into your country!!!!? I in reality don't know why!!! And now let's talk in regards to the ecu authorized techniques ohh man ?? Soo when a fucking refugee or whatever rape and assassinate you correct recall him and assign him in prison for 10 years maximum!? In actual fact!!!!!? Effectively then i despise to interrupt this to you bastards ( By bastards i imply the ecu leaders ) Ofcourse these fucking africans and south asians etc would rape white women as long as they don't get the death penalty!!!!!!!!!! They correct rape and assassinate white or whatever women in europe even tourists about a of 'em get raped or as a minimal hrassed my sister got here to impart over with me here where i are residing and he or she bought hrassed by a an african and south asian i bet from their looks but fortuitously i noticed her when she used to be attempting to disappear and i rather essential killed both of 'em but fortuitously none of 'em died i correct fucked 'em up sooo badly!!!! So yeah they don't care cause they would correct simplest get jailed for 10 years in prison by being imprisoned they’ll be fed and all the pieces!!!!! European prisons of their opinions higher than their home countries!!!!! The authorized techniques over here in europe aka in some fucking countries needs to be changed as soon as fucking imaginable!!!!! Plus they can even nonetheless fucking deport as many as they can even asap too!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Where i advance from the gulf states union it's be pleased the ecu union and it's very shut to europe!!! When somebody corresponding to a refugee etc rape and assassinate a particular person particularly a girl there they would get the death penalty IMMEDIATELY even when they correct rape and don't assassinate!!!!! Plus we don't let in a a whole bunch them in!!!!! We let about a of 'em in but now no longer all!!! And these these which would be in they actually know the authorized techniques and so that they don't fuck around be pleased what they're doing out here in some countries in europe!!!!! Trigger they know they'll get fucked up very very very very very badly!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The europe union & The gulf states union are very shut to every varied BOTH of them bear refugees etc however the refugees in some countries in the ecu act sooooo otherwise than the refugees in the gulf states union and i'm rather particular now you perceive why!! , The ecu can even nonetheless substitute some authorized techniques asap as a minimal in some countries!!!! And as neatly they can even nonetheless fucking deport them as many as they can even asap too!!!! .

  3. MiauxCatterie says

    i’m positively getting plenty out of this series you may per chance presumably well be doing and i hope you proceed. i'm discovering out so far more critical substances which would be critical to know in narrate to originate a more total checklist of what’s happening. thanks. moreover your background is so kick ass. valid option.

  4. Joe Gray says

    I'm sorry this in reality isn't relevant but at three:10 it infuriates me that they portray 10,044 as “nearly Eleven thousand”

  5. Fastlane Blocker says

    So as a German I will keep in mind that the majority migrants are between 18 and 45 and male. And valid away I got here to Portugal now no longer speaking the language for three months of labor and within the main week I will without considerations narrate food and seize stuff in the supermarket utilizing portuguese simplest. I gain it in reality exhausting to mirror that while you may per chance presumably well be residing in a country for more than a year that you just may per chance presumably well also now no longer make a choice the language to a particular point.Additional more…. the German working market is nowhere near edifying to immigration. We all look after the papers of training. First now we bear college as a minimal 10 years, then a paper which says which college you graduated from (originate of faculty). Then there is for most jobs a three year low paid discovering out time (sth be pleased apprenticeship). I witness a lot of posts in groups where migrants in reality are attempting to work to create “a lot of cash” “has to get payed valid” and I’m be pleased yeah you fool bought no skills. Also I do know for a truth that one refugee has to pay as a minimal 8000€ to get to Germany thru the smuggling route. 8000€ for a pakistan/afghan or any african man is mainly what the family owns. So both debts with the smugglers or the family has sold all the pieces. That methodology money from wretched other folks is transfered to criminals and these countries they advance from bleed to. Migration is a recount for each person in that massphenomena and somehow idiots form now no longer witness it. I now no longer voted for AFD (which is the fresh populist valid birthday party) because there program moreover needs to assassinate EU and it needs adjustments, but EU in whole is a project obligatory to pick Europe a world player with China and North The US. And as I said I exercise the working and are residing where you desire pretty neatly. So cheers you may per chance presumably well be doing valid Barbara, correct the Breitbart is now no longer a treasured offer of data……that is actually dumb shit for the most segment….

  6. Twixeus007 says

    You’re the main particular individual that tells the truth about this arena, thanks alot!

  7. captainjerk says

    Bag serious if ya desire.I look after that segment of your personality too!

  8. MrTrainerGuy1 says

    Ship them off and if their countries wont recall them after they advance to despicable set away with them.

  9. Ross V says

    Ew, Russia This day. The identical recordsdata channel that denied that Russian backed separatist shot down a plane corpulent of other folks with a missile machine that Russia supplied them. Fu fu fu!

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