The Best WATER FAILS of May 2017 | The Best Fails | Funny Fail Compilation 2017

Brand new weekly montage of the perfect WATER FAILS of May 2017. Compilation contains waterskiing face slams, cliff bounce stomach flops, diving board physique bounces, epic bridge jumps gone incorrect, simply pack stunt crash landings, rope swing fails, mother falls off a water tower, accidents caught on digicam and extra humorous viral movies, clips and moments caught on tape.

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  1. Shanti Nadar says

    The last women is great but the man was touching her boobs

  2. most heaviest mann says

    Loved that wedding one: all the guys are like "lol, sucks but funny" and the girls are just flipping their shit

  3. Awesome says

    5:42 I love how the groom pushes the bride under water to save himself and then just leaves her there…

  4. Kelvin Holmes says

    5:42 lady in the back was yelling melissa in the background..she was yelling for her daughter who also fell in the water..her daughter could not swim…and she died to the sound of cheers that overshadowed her cries. that clip wad truly sad(look it up or watch the clip 2x)

  5. Computernurd says

    I would've let that last woman go by just to see how far down the river she'd get

  6. Caitlin Pearce says

    That lady in the last clip… holy fuck bitch, the water is about a foot deep, just STAND THE FUCK UP

  7. Willy Da Kid says

    Water fails and ski fails are the most boring to watch

  8. KoKi GAmI says

    Too many ads for such a short video. You think you're gonna get rich or something?

  9. Cloud N9ne says

    that girl at the end needed to chill the fuck out hahaha

  10. MrYfrank14 says

    was the last one just kidding ?
    i mean, she could have just stood up.
    if she wasn't kidding, she should teach classes in drama queen.

  11. zdrux says

    They should have let the last one keep going with the current.

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