We take a fast look again at the perfect moments of The Best FIFA Football Awards 2017.

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  1. Itz Sombra says

    Yo did Ronaldo just kiss his son on the lips? Not hating just wondering if anyone else saw the same thing 0:43

  2. Jo Sé says

    Cristiano Ronaldo 43,16 Prozent Messi 19,25 Prozent Neymar 6,97 Prozent Questions???

  3. Ruhaan Syed says

    Because every thing is on marketing now messi plays football don't does this rubbish things cr7 is in front in these things that is why people like him but not ore than messi nxt year is coming bro messi is winning bro Thank u bye bye

  4. 최지원 says

    2008 ronaldo (1)2009 messi (1)2010 messi (2)2011 messi (3)2012 messi (4)2013 ronaldo (2)2014 ronaldo (3)2015 messi (5)2016 ronaldo (4)2017 ronaldo (5)During 10 years.. 5:5..

  5. Nawal Waseem says

    I saw the event liveAnd most of the players are from my favorite team REAL MADRID!

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