Teachers forced to attend ‘LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP’ training session

Canadian faculty board took a progressive step by having lecturers take part in in depth inclusiveness training. But the title of the training has baffled quite a lot of individuals. #Tucker

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  1. Brian Dwiggins says

    There wouldn't even BE a controversy if the "parents" hadn't encouraged a freakin' BABY to "transition" to the other sex! Other than the great hunting and fishing, Canada is a worthless Liberal wasteland.

  2. Garett Guenot says

    At what point do we all just say this is fucking stupid and people are confused and mentally ill. For example. I am now a squirrel sexual and if you do not acknowledge me by my squirrel nature you're discriminating and not giving me my squirrel dignity. It's becoming a joke.

  3. Maximilian Jehuda Ewert says

    the blasphemy law in canada M-103 (only punishing blasphemy of islamic faith)… free speech canada as long as it doesn't contradict "the prophet"

  4. Liz Brooks says

    Just rearrange those letters to something much easier to remember "DEGENERATENONBINARYSUBGROUP"

  5. Rhonda Wasson says

    So you have to exclude yourself from the human race to be included in a group to be inclusive. Huh? Funny how that thing couldn't even say lesbian. Always the first letter no matter how many letters follow. The thing side stepped through the whole conversation.

  6. Triggering Trolls says

    And this is the point of homeschooling your kids!
    Kids are what you teach, and loyal to those that teach them!

  7. Alaia Chang says

    HUH? WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thoth says

    unbelievable NONSENSE.
    if it was natural, it wouldnt need a court order.

    and once again, theyre using us up here in canada to test their bullshit and fine tune it so when they force it down the throats of the citizens of the united states to accept this as well, theyll say "well it worked in canada, canada is known for human rights, are you AGAINST human rights?"

    its not about gay bashing or anything, cause theres no room for that shit either. but you guys gotta see the overall agenda thats going on. theyre using this group of people for a lot of twisted political reasons. the government doesnt give a fuck about the "LGBT community", they are a means to an end. 99% of parents have no clue there are transvestites dressed like literal demons reading to kindergarten children telling them they should pick their own gender. gender confusion; before they even know how to read.
    hundreds of billions in "aid" to other countries that all just gets siphoned off to the corrupt system, while VETERANS ARE ROTTING in the streets homeless.
    on paper, the 'western world' looks great. in reality, its the complete opposite of everything it claims to be. im sorry that seemingly once great countries have turned into absolute wastelands of murder, daily high treason, corruption in every nook and cranny. the physical country and the majority of the innocent civilians and vets, i will always support. but as far as everything america and canada stand for these days through the actions of the selected politicians, there is only 1 moral choice and that is to denounce these ridiculous dystopian terrorist nations. hope they drop a nuke on the white house. but then again, we all know the only nuke theyll drop will come from a united states armory and blamed on iran or north korea as these are two of the last "countries" left without a centralized Rothschild banking cartel manipulating everything. the next 911. and you better be fuckin sure its coming. and WHEN they drop the bombs, just remember the obvious, that its our own governments perpetrating the mass murder, not some little backwards country that isnt even lit up from space yet has a full blown nuclear program rolling that likes to tell Fox news and CNN every single detail about what theyre doing. for some reason. (because the news is prewritten nazi propaganda-style narratives that are mostly false, mainly to facilitate whatever greed motivated horrorshow the goons at the top of the pyramid wish to pursue) when "the left" and "the right" are controlled by the same group, who do you think always wins? NOT THE PEOPLE.

    divide and conquer. give them bread and circus. easiest trick in the book been going on for millenia. the division. the wall. (to keep you in, not to keep 'mexicans' out, wake up people.)

  9. Dontwantlove says

    Smart people know how to condense complex issues into simple explanations. Liberals on the other hand.. lols

  10. yann zahn says

    LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP… i bet even 280 characters will be not enough for lggbdtttiqqaappcucknazicommunistrektxxx next year

  11. Adam Sno says

    Fox producers create a naritve, the host runs with it. Nobody uses that acronym, but he kept pushing it.

  12. HomeWatchViewer says

    "LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP"= rapecall for red glassed clowns.
    -if u hear it, run.

  13. Marlene Flowers says

    This guy is on the defense from the get go. He's annoying. I could care less about what the lgbtq community does. I'm just tired of hearing about it and being forced to accept it. We all have to face our maker but who am I to judge.

  14. Shane Black says

    I looked it up…here it is.
    The acronym stands for Lesbian, Gay, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Demisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Twospirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual and Polyamorous.

  15. rav kana says

    FOX – FRAUD News: It's good thing that this education is mandatory! If you use the word 'Force' then 'Yes' this education should be forced! I am proud of it! This is because teachers should know the knowledge of LGBTQ or else they would teach and spread wrong knowledge to their students like YOU guys do!

  16. scott williams says

    AIDS, I'm sure thats not included in the course, AIDS is a subject the Liberals burried with the victims. The Liberals rob our youth of the truth. Promoting Gay and Lesbian lifestyles with in our schools, Sounds like a Muslims idea to curve the reproduction of none Muslims. Wounder how this class is doing in your local Mosque. The Liberals want to kill you.

  17. Naruto Uzumaki says

    sighs If Jesus is real i hope he comes back soon. Like i'm asexual but i'm sick of this SJW shit. gonna shut that shit down

  18. Leonard Wong says

    Do share this with the global community. I'd have liked to go to USA to join in discussions on this issues but well……….
    The dangers of lgbt…..
    a.) Socially lgbt could be considered unpatriotic. It is a trend, which if widespread, results in a lower birth rate generations down. (Gay/lesbian couples can't create life.) This reduces your nation's population numbers/talent pool and could potentially cause labor shortages. As countries go to war, deaths could increase, it is important to replenish the population.
    b.) Additionally, as gay couples advance in age, no one cares for them. If the trend spreads….. you have two aged gay men/women with no one to care for or talk to. This results in depression, suicide.
    c.) As gay couples age and die, know that the skills they accumulate in their life are not passed on to the next generation……this is a serious talent drain for your nation.
    d.) Some would argue… that gays/lesbians can adopt children. However, that isn't increasing the population, merely caring for existing children.
    Besides….. How two gay men are fit to educate/raise a female child they adopt is questionable.
    Or…. Are two lesbians mentally and physically fit to raise a male kid????
    In a normal family unit children benefit from the advice from both male father and female mother. They grow up better able to interact with both sexes in the workforce. This provides better balance intellectually, emotionally and economically for children.
    e.) Interacting and learning about the opposite sex is one of life's thrills. Women and men think and act differently. In adapting to each other, they enrich each other. Generally.
    f.) Gay habits aren't natural. Even In nature, only in very rare circumstances (i.e extinction or lack of the other sex) do animals resort to gay partnerships to survive.
    g.) Gay sex is unhygienic and potentially spreads disease. The anus contains bacteria that could lead to deadly ailments. Homosexuality is proven to spread Aids and other stds.
    h.) Some “professors” argue that ancient civilizations practice gay/lesbian relationships and it is a norm, an innate part of our character. The reverse is true. Science and analytical reasoning works hard to halt flawed trends of the past so mankind makes progress. One example is incest.. In ancient Egypt, the pharoahs practiced incest and this led to birth defects. Now in modern times, such a trend is eliminated. Being Gay is also a similar regressive trend that should disappear. As gays age you have nothing but two old men practising anal sex. How constructive/modern is that?
    h.) It's possible that people who keep repeating or insisting that gay/lesbians are ok are actually brainwashing others that its normal. (Unknowingly?). In Nazi Germany, Hitler's propaganda ministry kept repeating their beliefs till normal Germans' mentally broke down and joined them.
    Could this be the tactic used to force everyone to accept illogical lgbt practices?

    Perhaps gays and lesbians would consider these points and hopefully one day change?
    Being transgender is another trend that is socially regressive. It causes many problems.
    a. Both male and female have occupations that are better suited for them. Eg. Kindergarten teachers, Child care, Nannies, midwife's, infant care, babysitters …. etc. If men and women take on the male roles, that could cause labor shortages.
    b. Perversion……. Promoting transgender increases the opportunity for pervy males pretend to be females just to leer at them. Or females who pretend to male to be among males……. this increases sexual crimes. Transgender bathrooms facilitate such perversion.
    c. Childbirth…..Women can bear children. Men can't. If all women go transgender and become male, they might refuse childbirth and your population could be reduced.

    Transgender is a trend that should not be encouraged in the military. In warfare, gender matters and affects operational performance/ efficiency.
    a. Some might have morning sickness……. Imagine a female pilot dressed as a male having morning sickness…. while piloting an F14 in an aerial dogfight with enemy planes. Who do you think is at a disadvantage?
    b. Menstrual bleeding…. in prolonged deep jungle raids on enemy territory, the scent could attract animals and hostile guard dogs. This causes the element of surprise to be lost. It endangers the entire mission and lives matter…… A female can dress like a male but some characteristics do not change.
    c. Physical performance. A female soldier may dress or become male, but it doesn't change the fact that pound for pound, males have better muscular strength, stamina and size. In physical combat…… the enemy will have an advantage.
    ( Compare the Olympic performance for proof of physical advantage males have over females.It matters in warfare.)
    f. Tenacity ……. imagine asking a transgender who's actually female to snipe a child or woman who's a suicide bomber…… don't you think they'd hesitate? This hesitation is a risk to troops.
    g. Perversion……. there is a possibility that males pretend to be females just to leer at them. or females who pretend to male to be among males……. this relationship dynamic affects operations.
    h. Childbirth…..Women can bear children. Men can't. If all women become male, go to war full time and get killed….your population could be reduced. This trend should not be encouraged.

    Warfare is a matter of life and death. Gender matters. Soldiers should be classified according to their birth sex.

  19. GothicDancer45 says

    So the guy who's supporting this doesn't even know what 2 spirit is (from my knowledge it's a Native American belief of a person having both a masculine and a feminine spirit residing within them) and mocks it while trying to dodge the question. Brilliant! Know your causes people, it makes your IQ look bigger.

  20. Jack Day says

    Canada passed a law Thursday ( 06-17) making it illegal to use the wrong gender pronouns. Critics say that Canadians who do not subscribe to progressive gender theory could be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training.

    Canada’s Senate passed Bill C-16, which puts “gender identity” and “gender expression” into both the country’s Human Rights Code, as well as the hate crime category of its Criminal Code by a vote of 67-11

  21. A K says

    It's about inclusion… so where is the 'H' for heterosexual?

  22. spinto bear says

    I am part of that litany of letters, but I find it offensive that I am supposed to be considered a cohesive part of all the others. This guy in Canada is full of Shite and his refusal to give a straight forward simple answer is enough to dismiss anything he has to say.

  23. jay west says

    If that group is about being inclusive why don’t the have an S or W in there for Straight or White?

  24. Pinochet Pepe says

    They could just say mentally ill and they would include all those people

  25. Brad Penner says

    I'm Canadian and your guest is an idiot and knows nothing (or is lying) about what is going on in our dictatorship.

  26. freddy fudpucker says

    Fuck the wackoes . It is the start of the destruction of society. If you feel you are left out of society and prescribe to silly shit, Just kill yourself. The average American just does not give a crap about your mental problems.

  27. DankMemes says

    If God exists, he needs to eliminate all liberals right now

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