Taking on space? Luxembourg 1st European squawk to let firms mine asteroid

Whereas many watch asteroids as a extreme menace, for others they’re a chance. Luxembourg has change into the first European squawk to undertake a guidelines, opening up space mining to private companies. RT’s Miguel Francis Santiago has more.

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  1. Digma Marius says

    OK.. I appropriate bought an asteroid.. I want it in my garden.. Now i desire a rocket to deviate the asteroid from its trajectory…

  2. Gulag Radio says


  3. That Dude There says

    I name BS. It's laborious ample making earnings mining hood frail grime and rock. All these fantasies about region settlements and now mining are to deceive for some reason. The elite know they’ll ruin billions to acquire room…thus no want for region apartments. What enact you ponder WW3 wasn't planned for over 200 years? It changed into.

  4. Jade says

    Win a region elevator first. Mining is no longer payment it with the worth of rockets.

  5. Reinhard Gellen says

    What a rubish and bs !! Europe has absolutly NO know-how to enact this , they barely can send dinky cargos to LEO , no even repeat for manned missions . Luxemburg tech diploma is solely pathetic , they are nation of banksters , no longer a technicians . Such endeavor is this day easy out of reach for any nation , and even the total mankind mixed , for a lot of reason .

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