Super Simple Beauty DIY’s

Hey guys! Welcome again!! Try out a few of these SUPER easy magnificence DIY’s and let me know what you assume.

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Aloe Vera Body/Hair Wash:
1/four Cup Aloe Vera
1/2 Castille Soap
1 tsp Vitamin E

Lily Of The Dessert Aloe Vera Gel
Lavender Castile Soap
Natural Sponge-

Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser
Equal Parts Aloe Vera Gel + Sweet Almond Oil
2 Drops Tea Tree Oil

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil

Aloe Vera Setting Spray/ Toner
2 Parts Water
1 Part Aloe Vera

Coconut Oil Beauty Balm
1/four cup natural, cold-pressed coconut oil
1 Tbsp beeswax pastilles
1/four tsp vitamin E oil

Coconut Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Moisturizing Face Mask
Equal Parts Honey + Coconut Oil

Body Scrubs
Oatmeal Cookie-
Equal Parts Oats + Brown Sugar + Coconut Oil

Banana Bread
1/2 Banana
Equal Parts Coconut Oil + White Sugar

Matcha Green Tea
Equal Parts Epsom Salt + Matcha Green Tea Powder + Baking Soda + Coconut Oil









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  1. Yvonne Wilcox says

    I want to try every …. single … one of these! I love your channel. 🙂

  2. Omer Reki says

    Wow I'm big fan of yours. I realy appreciate ur hard work I watch all ur videos, I recently joined u ♥♥♥♥|

  3. roxmcmur says

    I love the video.  Thank you for the recipe.

  4. Sonja Grilletta says

    Can I add tea tree oil to the body wash? By the way, this tutorial is fantastic <3

  5. Roha khan says

    You are addiction . Love from Pakistan 😍

  6. Jyoti Chauhan says

    Hi, your videos are lovely. Love from India!!

    I have recently started learning more about skincare.

    Want to know if Vasiline is good for lips or not, as I have been using it as a lip balm, by adding beetroot for the color, but coming across some negative reviews on Vasiline usage.


  7. טלי קבדה says

    I was surprised to see that your tatoo is in hebrew and not arab lije mist people do. It's very meaningful to write and i absolutely love it ❤!
    The tatto means: I was forgiven. Greeting from Israel

  8. Claudia Wakham says

    Personally, I have only been watching the DIY stuff so please don't stop doing it- 😚😚

  9. alexandra pll says

    yea so ladies i have been using this scrub : olive oil+ sugar+ coffee (not nescafe the natural one ) it just makes ur skin better and smother enjoy your day ❤

  10. ddddd says

    At what kind of stores do you usually find castille soap?

  11. Bella / Isabella says

    where do you get your glass containers and all the test of your small containers like your lip balm container? And by the way I love your videos!

  12. Poojan Sansi says

    hi dear , oats n brown scrub is very gud but did u make brown sugar in fine powder or in normal form , I want to try it so pls help me

  13. Elvina Chacko says

    I made your aloe Vera facial cleanser
    it didnt suds up
    do u know why

  14. lolo alaa says

    where can i get castile soap??
    and can i use w natural alovera?

  15. Dgoz says

    The oatmeal cookie scrub is amazing! I wanted to do a scrub and came back to this video to find it, smells really good and left my skin feelings soft and moisturized.

  16. radwa rody says

    hi Rachel i love your videos .. i need ask you .. my job in restaurant in direct sun and my skin is Darkness
    You could suggest a type good sun block or oil A bronze color is given to the skin instead of the tan؟؟؟؟؟؟

  17. Koakoa45 says

    Is there an alternative to coconut oil or coconut products? I am very allergic to coconut.

  18. Samantha Covington says

    Sis, how many bangles do you need? Joking, all of this was well filmed and really useful for what I had in mind, thank you!

  19. SoundlessRie says

    Are these diabetes safe? I would like to make some luxury spa items for my mom and a friend, both are diabetic and I know I cant use Epsom salt, I'm just concerned about other ingredients too. Do you know?

  20. Joyfully Lili says

    You've been getting a lot if complaints lately… but I think you've been doing great! You're videos are quite helpful but also relaxing 😉 You should do a video on favorite books and why, maybe a sit down kind of video. Anyway have a great night!

  21. Emma Lougheed says

    Just a suggestion, manukau honey is also a great DIY skin care ingredient.

  22. Linda A says

    This video had wonderful diy recipes!  thx!

  23. Jade Evans says

    your so Coòooooooooooool😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Meenal Saxena says

    Love your videos Rachel. Can you please suggest a DIY version of a body oil for summers? Thanks for all the tips.. xoxo

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