Students reject US flag more than ISIS flag at UC Berkeley

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz conducts campus experiment.

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  1. Swat Kats says

    This motherfucker is a JEW .. Hey butt face why don't you wave Israeli flag as well, making it a pair… ISIS + Israel…

  2. michael Evans says

    and they are still here in USA…not with ISIS… true fuckheads

  3. melqui rivera says

    Wow all these student loan overloaded fucks are crazy as fuck all of them should get send to Iraq and watch them get beheaded for treason to their own land a bunch of trashed firer we have a head of us with this liberal amibas

  4. caligsi says

    Smh. I'm a Mexican American who loves and respects my country. These little bastards need to get the hell out of here if they hate America so much.

  5. Banish All says

    These little bastards need to be horsewhipped in the street

  6. AnnabelLee says

    Berkeley needs to lose government funding. No American tax dollars should be subsidizing sedition & lawlessness in our own country.

  7. roberto says

    this just goes to show what the left is teaching our kids……I know I listen to my nephews and they are totol brainwashed idiots……..i dont think I would mind if trump started putting judges in jail….. or flag burners and kneelers….

  8. bbjoshua says

    Ramifications of the Bath House Barry Administration Indoctrination & Garbage in and Garbage Out , Exactly, the new generation folks of 'Hateful, Disrespectful,Deplorable, Liberal Leftist Snowflakes and Anti-Americans ,,, Nothing to be proud of here !

  9. Radical Patriotic Conservative. says

    should very concerning when one of Americas top universities put out anti america graduates, those graduates might go to influential positions.. and the cycle snowballs into some revolution few decades down the line.

  10. Young World says

    One day we will have Civil War part 2 start in California. I don't know why they hate America so much it was the southerners that got invaded by the North and completely destroyed but they got over it and now they love their country

  11. Toronto Man says

    fuck america all jews is do invade countries for past 200 years even this land is stolen

  12. E.R. Garner says

    He should have tried waving the old hammer and sickle. They probably would have fell to their knees and starting worshiping him and the school itself would have hired him as a professor on the spot. I am sure anyone waving such a flag has all the qualifications they require for molding the minds of the next generation.

  13. Guardião Do Oeste says

    hahaha WTF is happening in america fucking communist this people looks like zumbies we have here in brazil.

  14. Leonard Wong says

    Yet the politicians accept this. who are the professors? Foreigners? Ex illegals? Refugees installed as teachers who install their propaganda into the curriculum?

  15. Jeremy Parsons says

    most of them are not US citizens they are only here for what they can get and leave.

  16. pappy hayes says

    What else would you expect from a loony lefty loser libby tard bunch of maggots. Hopefully they have horrible short lives. America doesn't need worthless trash like these students.

  17. A G says

    UC Berkeley repurposing your children to be activists and future Starbucks employees.

  18. Sean Erophill says

    I swear we need to take These liberal idiots, send them to North Korea In see how they feel about America then.

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