Strongest Eruption Observed From The Sun

Strongest Eruption Observed From The Sun

Sun has occurred today the most powerful eruption since 2006, the authoritative website reported on behalf of the US weather service NOAA.

First, there was a solar flame of class X2.2 at 11.10 am, where X is the heaviest class. But there was still little beer compared to what was happening at 14.02.

According to the specialized, the last outbreak of class X9 was in 2006. It is also the heaviest eruption of the 23rd and 24th solar cycle,

X-ray and ultraviolet radiation of the eruption ionized the upper layer of the atmosphere, with the failure of short wave radio on the day of our planet, reported space-weather site .com.

There may also be a plasma cloud (CME). In this case, some earthly people may begin to dream of pole light.

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