Stock market jumps past 25,000 for the first time

The market sees its quickest 1,000-point acquire in the common’s historical past.

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  1. Annu Day says

    140$ Trillion in debt and 'climbing'…winning, winning, winning….

  2. Joel Spring says

    Somehow this Recession that Clinton supporters said Trump would take us into is feeling quite prosperous!

  3. Günther Lehmann says

    Stocks are in the computer only a number. Can be zero the next day. Stock market does not generate a sur plus to the economy. When the money left the financial market and end in the real economy, then we see a real sur plus. This record numbers are not backup by economical datas.

  4. H.N.I.C says

    Sure he was just a coffeeboy Tillerson calls him an idiot that guy bannon his own people hate him how can u guys keep on defending this piece of shit dumbass demented mess u call president shame on u shure Trump knows the best people he has the best brain ever hahahahab

  5. Mountain Dew says

    trump is pushing usa to a bubble like jordan belfort

  6. Ken says

    That is nothing to be happy about rich get richer does not do anything for the great unwashed

  7. Mike M says

    finally! it took 9 years for Obamas economic policies to start to bear fruit. hahahahahaha..hohohohohohoho! sometimes I crack me up

  8. BonnieBlue2A says

    I remember when the DOW broke 8K for the first time and we never thought it would go higher. Hope when it comes down it does so slowly. The news of global growth is hopeful in support of sustaining this for the short term.

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