Stephen Miller: ‘Not true’ that I was escorted off CNN’s set

White House senior coverage adviser offers perception on President Trump’s priorities on immigration, chain migration, DACA talks with Democrats and the aftermath of his controversial interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. #Tucker

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  1. xphilli says

    Lie, then ignore the book, then talk about immigration? What a load of shit. And so many idiots here swallowing it happily.

  2. Th3Sh1n1gam1 says

    Do people on fox ever try to fact check across more than 5 sources?

    It's crazy that Trump and his supporters are still talking about the 20 ft+ tall wall vs fence in place that was voted for in 2006, but here we hear correctly that migration both legal and illegal can occur through multiple paths far exceeding the path that is the border on land.

    That's like building a 20 feet tall dam to hold back a 1 feet deep river and saying that it'll be worth it over time.

  3. Warped says

    Stephen is high on his bosses jizz.

  4. winesap2 says

    Miller and Fox Trumpturds are little snowflakes. Tapper tried to do with Miller the same thing he does in all his interviews, play devil's advocate, but Miller didn't want to answer any questions because he had an axe to grind about cnn being "fake news". He looked like a paranoid fool and all of America is laughing at him.

  5. kdog savage says

    bottom line Democrats want to change the face of this country to Mexicans and Muslims. ANYTHING BUT hard-working American people!!!! they want votes and more votes and they don't care if they have to tear this country down to get them! Democrats are worse or just as bad as terrorists

  6. Mockery Channel says

    JAKE TAPPER is a FAGGOTED ANUS…. (there is no other way to describe him).

  7. e james says

    CNN prefers guests like mccain, graham and goerge will……………………………

  8. racabrown813 says

    Miller is slurring his speech like he popped 2 Xanax pills to lower his anxiety before the show. With the combination of that nasally voice, I vote him most punchable face of 2018 thus far.

  9. Douglas Williams says

    Another proven liar lying in a pathetic attempt to defend another proven liar's lies……… This guy perfectly represents the average Donny supporter, a whiny little bitch…..

  10. Flyin Dutchman says

    CNN, And Whatever Is Left Of It..! Crybaby Loser Tapper, yes Miller dont pamper This Unmature ‘’Journalist’ anymore!! Yes tell him: “CNN you have 24 hours fake and lying, but not ONLY THREE MINUTES FOR THE USA PEOPLE!!!!?” A cock-and-bull Story Again! Youve done already your incredible destruction in the USA! And.That. Lisp Speaking Totem Poach Anderson! See his halfdead face and have a week depression! Biased – ‘nonono!’ – Screaming Dictator Lemon! Lemon Fake Gobbledygooks! Slubberdegullions Tappers! Cry Wolf Loser Liquorice! Weird Warranty Pokeyhokey! The for 93% Fake and Destroy Trump, anti USA CNN, MSNBC, etc. The Criminal Net Noses are losers and liars more and more! Ive Never Seen Such a Negative ‘Journalists’ Togetherrrr! That Lemon Little loafer! Cry Wolf Losers! The Stelter Sucker! Megalomaniacs! Judas Jesuitis! CNN Monopolizers! Sick Snowflakes! Imitation Nazis! Frustated Filibusters! Pervert Pyrographers! Sea-lice! Gibbering ghost! Bootlegger! Gogglers! Fancy-dress Facist! BioGreen Gestapo Mindpolice! Akhbar Acronyms! Analfabetic Anderson Moron Manipulators! Autocrats! Damnicrats! Hillary Heritics! Nyctalops! Washington Compost Cuomo Comatoses! New York Timbres! Hubbub HuffCompost Huddles! Repulsive Black Racists! KKK Gestapo Mindcontrol Busy-bodies! Gender Muddled Sissies! Hussein Obama AutoRats! Black Lies Morons! Clinical Communists! Coelacanths! Top Traitors! Hollywood HateHomo's! Anthem Anathemas! Vegetarian Vultures! Soros Swines! Awan Techno Terrorists! Podesta Paedo's! Black Marketers Bandits! Amputated Aardwolves! Clinton Flying Carpet-sellers!

  11. Seth Trahan says

    you sheeple will believe anything these white motherfuckers will say. ya'll's time is up in November

  12. ashniel manning says

    Hahahahahaha Stephen made it to his safe place.. bet he won't talk about the Obama bashing network of fox news and their propaganda..

    Wipe ur mouth bitch boy, u got orange cool-aid above ur lip..

  13. Curtis Lackey says

    Hey CNN, that's a real interview! Not a hit job like Jake Tapper.

  14. David P says

    Democrats want votes from immigrants. Look at California – no immigrant will vote Republican

  15. David P says

    At last someone who stood up to CNN – they don't want to hear a different agenda. Not interested in the good is happening.

  16. shakypam says

    why is Stephen Miller incapable of opening his heavy lids in the CNN clip? When he's in attack dog mode he looks like he's had a stroke

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