Star Wars FORCES OF DESTINY Teaser Trailer (2D Animation – Shorts – 2017)

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The latest initiative from Disney and Lucasfilm – Star Wars Forces of Destiny – that celebrates the inspiring tales of iconic heroes from a galaxy far, far-off…

Disney will premiere the collection on the community’s YouTube channel with the collection set to be joined by an extra eight shorts in a pair of TV specials airing on the Disney Channel.

Star Wars FORCES OF DESTINY Teaser Trailer
© 2017 – Disney

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  1. Chris Riddick says

    Looks like shit. And super sexiest, I think I saw 1 man in the whole thing. Moronic.

  2. AgentMassif says

    Disney is surely pushing everything they can to make returns on their $4 Billion investment.

  3. boys ansbacher says

    It's a good idea and all and not to be sexised or anything, but why is EVERY main character in all of those stories so far a woman?!

  4. Entropy Spawn says

    When nostalgia meets sjws we get more, shallow star wars products.
    The fans love it!

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