Star Citizen players can now buy plots of land for up to $100

Cloud Imperium Games has rolled out a brand new approach to throw cash on the crowdfunding colossus generally known as Star Citizen: The capacity to pre-purchase plots of land. UEE Land Claim Licenses can now be had for $50 for a 4km x 4km “lot,” or $100 for an 8×8 “estate,” zoned for industrial, residential, or industrial use. 

CIG stated that advance land declare purchases will assist fund the event of Star Citizen, however they can even be accessible for buy with in-game credit and “otherwise earnable through play in the game” as soon as it goes stay. Buying up entrance won’t get you a nicer view or higher parking than anybody else, and you will not lose out if you happen to’re not there for the preliminary gold rush second when the sport goes stay, both. 

“Licenses can be bought for UEC in game and no one will be able to claim land before the mechanic is available in game for all. People that own claim licenses now, during the anniversary sale to support development, and people that earn the money in-game to buy one will be on equal footing assuming they have enough UEC, especially as there will be millions of locations for people to explore and claim within the Universe over the life time of the game,” the studio stated. 

“Due to the billions of square kilometers of available land over many planets and moons and of course as new Star Systems are introduced and explored, all players will have the ability to find and claim new ‘hot spots’ throughout the lifetime of the game.” 

Furthermore, you will not want to personal a land declare license so as to assemble a base within the recreation—you can construct or mine nonetheless and wherever you need outdoors of UEE-controlled house. But going it alone will depart you with out safety from those that intention to do you fallacious. 

“One of the largest deterrents to others moving in on a valuable section of land you’re working—or taking liberties with an outpost you’ve constructed—is the fact that within UEE space such actions are criminal and will have significant consequences for the infringers,” CIG stated. “These protections, of course, don’t exist beyond the borders.” 

Predictably, there’s been one thing of a combined response to this. Some followers are completely happy to see the sport (or at the least its potential) expanded even additional, whereas others are considerably extra doubtful in regards to the want for but extra help for a recreation that is still in pre-alpha after six years of improvement and greater than $168 million in crowdfunding. For my half, I’ll word that none of this “land” exists but, even within the digital sense, so even if you happen to pony up for a plot now you will not have the ability to truly do something with it (together with simply taking a look at it, for the reason that licenses do not grant a particular piece of land, however slightly the correct to declare one) till the sport goes stay. 

With adequate caveat emptors in thoughts, you can get the main points at, or dive into the video on land declare licenses down under.

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