Spain Thrashes Liechtenstein and Stays On Tip

Spain thrashes Liechtenstein and stays on the tip; Italy wins and follows in the queue.

With result, Spain is even closer to the 2018 World Cup

Midfielder Isco (22) scored the third Spanish goal in the match, 16 minutes into the first half

Spain is increasingly close to stamping their way into the 2018 World Cup. On Tuesday, the Spaniards visited Liechtenstein’s modest squad at the Rheinpark stadium for Group G of the European Qualifiers and did not take their foot off a devastating 8-0 win. Fury’s goals were scored by Isco, Goppel (against), Sergio Ramos and David Silva, as well as Iago Aspas and Morata, who scored twice each.

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With the result, Spain is even closer to the 2018 World Cup. With only two games to go before Group G of the European Qualifiers, the Spaniards lead with 22 points, three more than the 19, but also with a goal balance, which is the first tiebreaker, much higher (28 to 12 for the Fury). Third, with almost no chance of fighting for a place in the playoffs with the Italians, Albania appears with 13. Israel, with nine, Macedonia, with six, and Liechtenstein with zero, complete the key and can no longer guarantee classification.

Spain will return to the European Qualifiers only on October 6, a Friday, at 15:45 (Brasilia), when they host Albania at the Estádio José Rico Pérez. On the same date and time, Liechtenstein receives Israel at the Rheinpark Stadium.

The game:

The game was dominated by Spain, who was the best during all 90 minutes against Liechtenstein’s poor squad. The first goal came out in three minutes. Sergio Ramos took a free kick from David Silva and tested firmly to open the scoring.

The second goal came to 15. Iniesta received in the lateral after table and crossed in the head of Morata, who only pushed for the goal to enlarge.

The third came soon after. In the 16th minute, goalkeeper Jehle commented on a great failure when he missed a shot on the ball and delivered the ball to Morata’s foot. The attacker just rolled over to Isco, who made one more.

Still gave the fourth goal time before the break. After 39 minutes, David Silva sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. In what looked like a well-rehearsed move, the ball was headed backward and left the keeper with a beautiful free kick.

In the second half, Spain increased to six minutes. After Morata’s header on the crossbar, Iago Aspas took advantage of the ball in front of the goal and just pushed the net to make another one for the Spaniards.

Already at nine, it was the turn of Iago Aspas to appear as a waiter and give a beautiful pass to Morata, who received front of the goal and just removed from the goalkeeper to make the sixth.

The seventh Spanish goal also came after rebounding and also with Iago Aspas. The striker got the ball after kicking from outside the area, cleared the mark and sent a bomb to make another one.

There was still time for the Spaniards to close the route. On 43 minutes, Deulofeu received a throw-in on the side of the area and crossed. The ball deflected in Goppel, Liechtenstein, and cheated the keeper, finishing in the bottom of the nets and ending the great victory of the Fury.

Italy wins and maintains persecution of Spain:

Despite the win of the Spaniards, Group G is still undefined because of the insistence of the Italians. At the same time, Italy received Israel at the Città del Tricolore Stadium and did their duty by winning with the 1 to 0 slim scoreline.

The winning goal, which kept the Italians only three points behind Spain, was scored eight minutes into the second half. Candreva started from the left and crossed in the head of Immobile, who only tested for the goal to secure the triumph, renewing the hopes of Italy for a direct classification for the World Cup.

Italy will also return to the European Qualifiers on October 6, at 15:45 (GMT), when they host Macedonia at the Olympic Stadium in Turin. Israel is already visiting Liechtenstein at the Rheinpark Stadium.

Check out the results of this Tuesday by the European Qualifiers:

Group D

  • Austria 1 × 1 Georgia
  • Moldova 0x2 Wales
  • Ireland 0x1 Serbia

Group G

  • Macedonia 1 × 1 Albania
  • Italy 1 × 0 Israel
  • Liechtenstein 0x8 Spain

Group I

  • Iceland 2 × 0 Ukraine
  • Kosovo 0x1 Finland
  • Turkey 1 × 0 Croatia

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