SNEEZING WITH YOUR EYES OPEN! (30 Facts You Won’t Believe)

30 wonderful information about science, the world, folks, locations, issues, historical past and every part you did not know!
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  1. [Ɖeceive] says

    Most of these I'm sure many already knew, not exactly anything new.

  2. ST X says

    Lol of course Nesson got fired from punching a bad guy

  3. Emily Faithz says

    first off, the big bang never happend, god created the world, so the first one is an atheistisc opinion, not a fact 🙂

  4. Arcadio Flores says

    actually they use quartz crystal for glass because quartz is usually clear so if we used ordinary sand it would be murky glass

  5. Spectre says

    Someone didn't check the audio before uploading…blurping all over the place there.

  6. Captin Levi says

    I am going to call the cops on you, I was moose hunting.

  7. FizzyDaSoda says

    Am I the only one who learned about the sand glass thing from Minecraft?

  8. Cherryidet Artz says

    your eyes fall out if you sneeze whith your eyes open i always sneeze but my i are alway slighly open😥

  9. LPSlover TV says

    THAT IS GROSS a dead body gets GOOSEBUMPS😨🗿B-)

  10. ImKyserSoze says

    I always get an overwhelming urge to slap thumbsdown when I hear people begging for likes and comments. You have no intention of reading the comments, its just to drive up views etc. Pretty pathetic.

  11. Paino Cat says

    The only reason I'm watching is cause of the creepy picture

  12. screenwriterjohn says

    SNL is a step down from a sitcom gig on NBC. That's the evolution of a successful career in comedy.

  13. tokenride04 says

    Getting fired for self defense? Was he teaching in California?

  14. Joshua Rodriguez says

    why would you get fired for assulting someone, intending to hurt people?

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