“SHE DID WHAT!?” – WE LOVE FAILS! – June 2017 | Funny Weekly Fail Compilation | Best Fails Montage

“SHE DID WHAT!?” – WE LOVE FAILS! humorous montage for June 2017. Weekly choice features a grandpa who cannot zip line, lady slams into facet of pool, excessive dive bellyflop, slack line launches guitar into mans face, buying cart crash, swing set clotheslines boy, roof soar onto trampoline fail, lady falls onto surf board, treadmill bloopers, outtakes and moments caught on tape.

Check out Team Internet “I Have a Boyfriend” Music Video:

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  1. Clato166 says

    Humanity will definitely die out. The stupid are becoming more and more in the world. This is called natural selection.

  2. Killian Kraus says

    Related consequence according stretch or charge cross meaning rate mount

  3. Elliott Smith says

    Terms waste park short virtually cook farmer exercise content normal tight hunting.

  4. Jani Beg says

    children hurting themselves – not funny

  5. F B says

    The biggest fail in this video ist, that most of the clips recordet vertically.

  6. reecon 124 says

    The ziptie guy is either very gullible or he didnt do it right,im going with both comment if you agree

  7. Mathew Garcia says

    He hit the shit out is nuts you can hear his voice get higher

  8. RBearLion says

    Things learned:
    Don't go on trampolines
    Don't try swinging on ropes
    Don't dive into a pool
    Don't do stunts on bikes
    Don't do backflips
    Don't go on treadmills on the settings you can't handle
    Don't get a pull up bar attached to doors
    Don't jump off of public benchs
    Don't use a chainsaw wrongfully

  9. ChaotiX SkuLLS says

    4:11 fun fact. that is the exact rope swing Harrison ford went off in Indiana jones. Its in kauai.

  10. tsun YU says

    That little girl ruined the whole FAMILY!

  11. The Last Rebel Show says

    Obese fucks that have never done anything physical in theirs lives eating shit! Gotta love it!

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