An investigation into the multi-billion greenback worldwide arms commerce…
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Based on the guide of The Shadow World, this characteristic size documentary is an investigation into the multi-billion greenback worldwide arms commerce.

A Movie directed by Johan Grimonprez
Release Date : 14 October 2016
Genre : Documentary

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  1. Damian Murray says

    where can i watch this? vimeo says it's not available in my region!

  2. verfed says

    I'm going to assume the producers, directors & writers of this film are all Libertarians, those that want more individual freedom, smaller government, less powers for the government, less foreign intervention, less wars etc. But that's not true isn't it? I bet they're just as big a statists as the politicians they criticize in this film. I do know that Chris Hedges is a progressive, social-democrat, leftist Democrat supporter. Very big on big government. So don't give me this crap about governments and their wars when you have absolutely no problem with the state, you just want to be at the helm.

  3. The MagicCollector says

    Another documentary on western world's greed for money and power, while ignoring human life. Will this film change anything on that, I doubt that.

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