Shades of Diana? Harry and Meghan go AIDS charity event

Hello Canada Editor-in-Chief Alison Eastwood says Meghan Markle exceeded expectations in her first official public look with Prince Harry at one an AIDS charity event, a trigger deeply essential to Princess Diana.

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  1. Hugh Franklin says

    I'm hoping Harry will come to his senses and pack this thing off to America, never to be seen again on these shore's

  2. Ashwin Parameswar says

    Lol she'll never even be close to Diana. Diana was THE PRINCESS and now the world compares a Divorcee to the like of Diana . CRIME !!!!!

  3. Esme - says

    Irony: the West including America created the virus.


    Puke!! She's clutching onto her Prince like a hoar. This could end very badly.

  5. TheOrganiclady says


  6. Jeanne-Marie Berger says

    I don't like Meghan. She left one of her two rescue dogs in the U.S. even though it is possible to take dogs with you on a plane. That's not for free, but I think she could fly first class or in a private plane and if you love your dogs, you don't leave one of them behind…just my personal opinion.

  7. Sylura Lindsay says

    I know that there are a lot of racist volters on this page and out there in the world that don't want to see a beautiful couple like Harry and Meghan get married and and be happy because they aren't. I'm sure that a lot of people said some nasty things about them and their significant other or a lot of them are just jelous of what they don't have. Hate and jelousy can still your joy. I pray that Harry and Meghan wedding and life with each other last. Just like the Queen and her husband

  8. Sonia Dyne says

    Meghan seems really lovely and they were very tactile …I think they will make a beautiful couple

  9. Shann says

    Wow, beautiful them two… I wish them the absolute best!

  10. Sharon Newman says

    pathetic why do people bow to these luciferians! MONSTERS!

  11. Latoya Wiley says

    I'll tell you this Prince Harry has not looked this happy and such a long time he genuinely looks happy and I'm so happy for him whatever Miss Meghan Markle is doing for him and his heart it's a joy to see this happiness on his face for a minute there he was looking like a lost person sure he smiled because he's a kind person but it was like something was missing but now you see nothing but joy and his eyes and joy coming from his heart I'm so happy for the both of them may they have a long-lasting marriage and may their children be just as beautiful as them

  12. rohatt zie says

    Of course she's happy and sweet with all the blooming smiling face. Hope she can stand the pressure after years to come. May they have a long happy marriage with beautiful kids. Mixture of parents will produce cutest kids.

  13. dee says

    Hold on, don't jump the gun – Meghan is NOT a member of the royal family yet!

  14. basboosa says

    Will and Kate dont do a lot of PDA in public because they are the future King and Queen which means that their public appearances are considered work. Showing PDA during work regardless of where you work at is considered unprofessional by a lot. However, despite the lack of physical PDA, everyone and their mothers can see the look of absolute affection and adoration Will and Kate have for each other. Please stop comparing the two couples and let them live their lives the way they want to.

  15. IzzyLove says

    Meghan looked very comfortable greeting the crowd. No nerves 😳😘😍 Harry found his other long last! lol💛

  16. janita snead says

    She is something to behold. Harry is right. Her and Diana would have been thick as thieves❤👏👏👏👏

  17. Dami Jo says

    Meghan wil become apeoples princess but she should be careful because there sre 2 jelous women sorrounding her

  18. Fancy's Folly says

    She’s just lovely..I hope they’ll be happy..princess Di loved her red haired boy. 😊

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