Sessions calls for probe of Bundy case after mistrial

Attorney normal orders investigation.

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  1. Test Channel says

    Sessions is so incompetent he thinks Al Bundy is real.

  2. Willie Dynamite says

    It just doesn’t sit right when Americans have an armed stand off with the government, it sets a dangerous precedence. Next, you’ll have any group of Americans in an armed stand off with the government. Had there been a shoot out…there would be no winners.

  3. Paul Plourde says

    Liars! They hid the fact that the BLM had a hit list and the Government was abusive using snipers against Americans!! Tell the fucking truth!

  4. Byers Coatings & Restoration Consulting says

    Fox news puppets… horrible misrepresentation of the situation… Fox, you disgust me. Ignore the whole situation for years and this is the best you can cover it?? Bring in two morons to lie about the reality of this situation?? Not one of you bother to mention the horrific injustice being d9ne here to these patriots. Not one word of the fact that innocent men are being held without bail and with no contact visits from family for all this time…
    Dont attribute any morality to these DOJ attorneys. Yes they were covering for the Government BLM and FBI agents. THE REAL NEWS IS WHY THEY HAVE NOT ARRESTED THESE AGENTS AND THESE ATTORNEYS AND LOCKED THEM UP WITH NO BAIL FOR 5 YEARS… SICK BASTARDS.

  5. Michael Duckworth says

    I don’t know enough about this case to speak on it. But, as an observation, the FBI really needs to get their stuff together!

  6. David Starr says

    The federal government was trespassing on the Bundy ranch since the federal government has no constitutional authority to occupy state land, especially since the Bundy ranch was homesteaded over 150 years ago.

  7. Joe Herr says

    Why is blm armed they were created to give the land back to the states not run around pointing loaded full auto rifles at unarmed citizens threatening to kill them and a blm agent gun was stolen by the illegal alien felon who KILLED Kate stinle

  8. OasisofSpirit says


  9. Willie Dynamite says

    Stop wasting time and money on investigation and probes…Trump supporters should be given a pass.

  10. Joe Herr says

    These so called grazing fees raise the price of american beef on us the consumers designed to put ranchers out of business in USA

  11. Noob Sims says

    LISTEN . That dumbass had a standoff, TWICE, with federal agents, armed. They did not arrest anyone. He won once and got greedy. He got his friend shot, and the feds got a few of them on camera threatening federal agents! Sorry folks but these ppl are idiots, BLM or not. The man is a danger to his own cause.

  12. Joe Herr says

    In the case the defence was not allowed to tell jury about the blm killing cattle and pointing full auto rifles at unarmed citizens threatening to kill them

  13. Joe Herr says

    What illegal firearms 2nd ammendment gives citizens the RIGHT to defend ourselves from a oppressive government when blm is pointing full auto rifles at unarmed citizens threatening to kill them for exercising their FREE SPEECH 1ST AMMENDMENT RIGHT armed citizens showed up to defend them

  14. Mr. G says

    Sessions is a lightweight. Chris Christie should be AG but the NJ liberal media torpedoed him.

  15. You You says

    There is no such thing as carrying firearms illegally, it is OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES against anyone that wishes to do us harm, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC… Whether it be the government or an intruder in your home, you have the right to defend yourself… Once you think any differently then you have become the sheeple this government wants you to be… Thank God for Bundy and all Americans just like him…

  16. James Loghry says

    Perry Mason get it over with hang dirty harry & the hendersons

  17. Hitler1961 says

    Whaaaat? Why this ? Is it too much to ask for Hillary to be investigated for Uranium one $147 million as payment to the clinton crime family foundation

  18. Good Goat says

    The BLM used mercenaries including snipers and might have killed more people except for INFOwars reporters that were present. This agency needs to be brought under control as is being done to the EPA. Drain the swamp!

  19. Ralph A. Wolf says

    The Bundy case and the 'Uranium One' $candal are intricately connected. 'Uranium One' is why the federal government suddenly wanted Bundy's cattle off those lands.

  20. Karen Untz says

    Free the Bundy's, Hammond's and all the ranchers and political prisoners.

  21. Jeremy Parsons says

    Notice how the anti US pro Hilary and Obama trolls have not yet formed a group to fight back against this yet on YouTube. They need time to get their shit together and are waiting to see what or how to respond with disinfo to spread

  22. Todd Royce says

    Carrying firearms illegally? Get you facts right

  23. Jeremy Parsons says

    It will all lead back to Obama and Hilary and they know it. Obama will run to go live in china and Hilary will be on her own hit list and killed by her own hired hit men to keep her quiet after the truth comes out.

  24. ld eagle says

    The only criminals here are on the side of the government.

  25. Ed Deetz says

    All domestic terrorists BLM, no different than foreign. One way trip to gitmo for life.

  26. Vander valid says

    Goes to show when Government gets to big and wants to push people around The People WILL fight back.

  27. Main 1 says

    is session looking at this case to make sure bundy stay in jail or trying to make sure they are free?

  28. Trump Sucks-balls says

    I love Fox News comments, you get to see all the nut jobs come out to play.

  29. Patrick Denham says

    FBI at it again, they think they are a law unto themselves and needs to be reviewed.

  30. Sophie Starr says

    As if anything that Jeff Sessions says should be taken seriously. The man is a corrupted well known racist politician. Just like someone else I know.. oh yea Trump

  31. Game Bred Duramax says

    The Government had snipers in the woods ready to kill an American family defying them.
    And the murderers would say “ I was just doing my job for the government” this should give a clue to Americans who’s side any government employee would be on when SHTF. I truly hate to think our military would kill Americans standing up to government tyranny.

  32. Doc Dolan says

    Simple fact is that Senator Harry Reid wanted the land, to use in another power grab of his to get richer, and got his agents from BLM to get it "cleared off" for him, so he could trade it off in a BLM acreage swap for other land his son's company needed to use for the Chinese Solar & Wind Power companies benefit.  Shortly afterwards … when it was apparent he could not deliver the land deal – was when Dingy Harry "had his exercise accident" … which looked, to some of us, remarkably like an old fashioned beat down, for 'failure to deliver on a promise'.  The so called "fees" that were allegedly owed were utilized as only the government can, to supposedly 'authorize' what the BLM tried to do.  Truth be told the very SAME ruse had already been used many times to drive out small land holders in Nevada, Utah, and elsewhere, when the Feds wanted the land 'cleared' for something else the government wanted to do with it.  The Bundy's were the last ranchers they needed to shut down, and put out of business in that area to "clear the land".  The government failed when the people of America united in an armed stand-off, coming from all over the USA, and said "F**k you to the BLM Private Mercenary Thugs, and stood to protect their land, and Bundy's cattle!"  Let's get ALL the facts out on the damn table!

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