Senator Lynn Beyak dumped from Conservative caucus after refusing to remove ‘racist’ letters

Senator Lynn Beyak has been kicked out of the Conservative caucus due to letters posted to her Senate web site deemed racist by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and others.
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  1. My Puritanical Opinion says

    Residential schools did more good than harm. Scheer is a scared rabbit. I think the woman in white should be kicked out of the kitchen for awhile.

  2. Make Canada Great Again says

    Aboriginal reserves should be closed. No more special privileges and taxpayer handouts! That's equity for you Indians

  3. Icy Frost says

    She is entitled to put whatever she wants online. People have the right to not like it and to bring attention to it and then if it violate criminal code or is harmful to others then she should be subject to termination or public scrutiny. Granted the conservative party is a private entity however they are acting as part of a public body. As a means of self interest I think that it's always important to state that the opinions mentioned are her own and not that of their party in her post . That would give people the opportunity to speak up and voice a opinion and perhaps she dose not get re elected again. Law and Civil remedies should only include property damages and harm to others in definition. Not to impede free speech. Being offended is not harm , stating a opinion is not harm , and stating proven facts is most definitely not harm . #BCLibertarian

  4. field north says

    She’s a hero to every taxpayers in Canada! We’re tired of paying $9 Billion a year to people who can work but feel the need to be treated special but expect to be treated equally. YOU CANT HAVE BOTH Either your Canada or your not. The gravy train needs to end! NOW!

  5. statuslow says

    She can be litigated for comments like that. No place for being bias in politics. People that support her views now thats is really bad…we got a problem here. clean house.

  6. Standybyme says

    This is why Indigenous peoples are unable to get employment for many decades because someone is spreading bias views like this, biased is racisms cousin. Those views hinder humanity as whole.

  7. big mouth says

    Good job senator Beyak these lazy Indians need to be put in their place. Canadians have had enough of their free loading sniveling ways

  8. Rick Lorens says

    so much of freedom of speech by thought police implanted by globalists everywhere to the point that people have to self censor their thoughts to appeal to mainstream, regardless of being right or wrong

  9. Karl Cambridge says

    That's y they won't put her out of the Senate because most of them are racists themselves

  10. Paul Thompson says

    Somewhere in there, she had a kernel of the right idea, just the wrong execution. Indigenous Canadians have been getting taxpayer dollars for a lot of things taxpayers don't want (e.g., excessive chief salaries). It's high time that indigenous Canadians got what they wanted: self-determination. Only then will they get exactly what they deserve, whether it be prosperity (measured by their standards) or failure.

  11. Dolemite says

    Isn't Lynn Beyak viewpoints an example of how Andrew Scheer believes his Conservative Party is more tolerant than the Liberals?

  12. TheNoelcr says

    the whole senate should be abolished, how about the black rapist senator that pulls race card, or our other alcoholic native senator get rid of them all………useless

  13. 1law 4all says

    The skinniest reporter I've ever seen interviewing the fattest reporter I've ever seen.

  14. Jim Stan says

    Another White Devil Being Exposed. Good. HER FACE NEEDS READJUSTMENT.

  15. The Big Lie says

    I don't like her, and I'm a Christian Canadian Conservative, but the hypocrisy here is glaring! I've heard 10 times worse from the far left, which the NDP and Liberals across Canada have endorsed.

  16. Osiris Malkovich says

    The Senate should be disbanded. Every senator is useless and a drain on national resources.

  17. ragemore says

    Aboriginals bring all the pain and suffering onto themselves. They are a bunch of babies who constantly complain, abuse drugs and are savages. Canadians have been way too generous, and they need to stop playing the victim because they are not.

  18. Sam195 says

    So Conservatives punish members for speaking the truth. Pretty sure this goes against the free speech rhetoric Scheer is trying to spin. I guess I will be voting for Trudeau again.

  19. Tiger1971 says

    I took a look at her biography. It does not impress me. Her and her deceased husband owned GM dealerships in Northern Ontario. She was a failed Ontario PC candidate twice. She did not deserve this appointment. She is not the only one. This is not a freedom of speech issue. She is not being locked up. People are free to react and Andrew Scheer and his party wanted nothing to do with her.

  20. Julian says

    This is a good electoral move by Scheer. He is already assured of the conservative vote, and needs to gain the liberal vote. Elections are not the time of principled positions. It is what it is.

  21. 3101010 says

    Was what she posted racist? Or just distasteful ?

  22. Shiny Shinx says

    I know she said some horrible things, but, like, freedom of speech. The conservatives may have proven themselves hypocrites in this regard.

  23. hhiippiittyy says

    Reminds me of idiots in the Southern US extolling the 'virtues' of slavery…

  24. Catandthefunk says

    Goodbye Job and pension. Fire her please. There is no place for racism in senate

  25. Maria Som says

    She should be fired. If she cannot be fired make her resign.

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