SECRETS Movie Theaters Don’t Want You To Know

Top 10 SECRETS Movie Theaters Don’t Want You To Know
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 SECRETS Movie Theaters Don’t Want You To Know!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thank you for watching! Hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons and tell me what you want to see next! 😀

  2. minecraft roblox jaden moore gaming says

    I just went to the movies and stayed there almost all night i just got back i watched the movie wonder then played a few games in the theaters arcade

  3. LL Armstrong says

    As a former movie theater employee, 1. true 2. false (as far as I know) 3. it's happened before 4. we've banned people, but there's no book 5. Combos are a pretty good deal, depending on what you were buying 6. Never kicked people out for that myself; some of my coworkers have fooled around in an empty theater 7. mostly true 8. true (and we've had to clean after rude customers) 9. After my time, don't know. 10. Not quite 4 days; we have saved some popcorn before from the previous night. As far as I know, not longer than that.

  4. Paul Robinson says

    Doesnt that mean you could pay to see one movie then sneek into a different screening that is quite clever but dumb as well..

  5. anthony przybylek says

    That last one is NOT true, I’m a manager of 6 years at a popular theater chain, our popcorn is never more than 30 mins to an hour old. If it sits longer than that, it gets thrown away. The only time we would use those giant bags would be if we were donating it to a school or fundraiser or whatever event.

  6. Sonleeforever5 says

    When me and my mom went to watch the brand new mlp movie she made sure we were full by the time we got there, not to mention since I was as slow as a slug by the time we got to the movie theater, got our tickets, and went in to watch the movie. We only had to watch 1 commercial! and she said we probably missed the beginning~

  7. dawn rhodes says

    If the front is true… Then where does popcorn come from?

  8. Tustin Burton says

    the popcorn is false they pop the popcorn while you're there

  9. Juan Garcia says

    The last one is fake my theater throws away the extra popcorn at night and makes batches fresh

  10. Christopher Love says

    Idk what theaters you go to but i worked at the arclight movie theaters in hollywood, ca and i can tell you we pop fresh popcorn all day. Cuz it is true that its basically pennies on the dollar, cuz of the new movies not making them hardly any $$.

  11. Jonathan Wilson says

    Thankfully there is a movie theater here in Brisbane, Australia called Cineplex (no relation to the foreign chain(s) of the same name) that has not only the best ticket prices in town but also munchies that don't cost a fortune. And its not some dump with uncomfortable seats and a tiny screen, its actually good quality.

  12. Kvass TV says

    if someone is watching this while playing charlie charlie challenge than he will answer you in begining of video its charlie here

  13. Ange 360 says

    The popcorn thing is nasty, especially considering how cheap it is them, not us. I don't buy any concessions, I sneak it in. Can't inspect our bag/purse. I'm also that person that only goes during matinee hours.

  14. Jacqui Callaway says

    The movie theater people don't like me. I eat enough food before I go in and don't buy anything.

  15. Brandon Everett says

    Yeah half of these aren't true, I worked at a movie theater and ran it most of the time and none of that is true

  16. Ijem Slimes says

    My grandmas hates butter, (legit vomit if she eats it) and going to a movie theatre is a challenge for her😩
    Great video tho 🤗

  17. Slogo Boy says

    Don i think i have watched moest of your vids i watch so mutch you tube

  18. Candice Perry says

    I,like to go to,the theaters and I like to,buy a hotdog&popcorn even a drink

  19. bat prime says

    If I be getting to see movies because idiots using phones movie is playing I be getting free movies for year some stuff in video never happens to theater I go to

  20. John Fijnvandraat says

    Let me explain somethings the bags of popcorn are not to be used agine because they are the garbage it is the company policy for the cineplex and for movie tickets they get half of cent for a regular movie and one cent for 3D that is for everything from wages to the cleaning of screens and maintenance to the ticket and 3D glasses they lose money on tickets keep that in mind

  21. Tom Gorvin says

    I had work experience in England at Scott Cinemas, and I want to state that we never used Popcorn perfume in the rooms, and at Scott cinema if we weren't 100% certain it was him we kick them out. We also don't use bags of popcorn, we use freshly made popcorn. So stop with some of the false facts dude.

  22. Jami Christine says

    The popcorn is a lie for my theater cos you can actually see the popcorn popping out of the bowl itself while you're ordering

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