School Teachers Who Were BANNED From Class

Top 10 School Teachers BANNED From Class
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 School Teachers BANNED From Class! These are faculty lecturers who have been fired from their courses and faculties for loopy causes!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thanks for watching! Hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell me what you want to see next! 🙂

  2. raz says

    This is why you don't become a teacher

  3. Top/Bottom says

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  4. Lucas Clark says

    So 2 of these teachers were fired for doing their job

  5. Brian Kelly says

    I don't think the teachers should have been fired

  6. bigwo56 says

    Yeah, Meridith fucked up. BADLY! But the rest, should all sue the school districts!

  7. Dawoud David says

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  8. iT'Z Arb says

    3:53 the movie called expelled it's a good movie who like to watch :D!

  9. FF L says

    Subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe back

  10. Asif Nahyan Kabir says

    The teacher who twerked and the adult movie star teacher got rewarded greatly indeed.

  11. Random Stuff says

    I subscribed and turned on my notifications love your channel 😀

  12. FloridaCoastalGuy says

    The Thumb-Nail picture is NOT in the video!
    Always a Thumbs-Down when that happens.

  13. I am Anonymous says

    Roses are blue violets r red i got just got clickbaited and so did u

  14. Marius Benoit says

    Minimum behavior illustrate ethnic frame music pose priority eating.

  15. beaconinthedark says

    Nothing wrong with underwear modeling. From the neck down she looks great.

  16. Aboud Madian says

    I am stupid i am noob why do i exist and whats a bannana

  17. Tina Warfield says

    SOmetimes teachers need to have fun. If it ain't porn related , drug, or full out drunk. . .OR effects the teaching/school. . .Let them have FUN

  18. Warjormodi says

    I swear to god this is real , we had our math teacher that was a pervert , he used to touch me and my friends when we were in grade 7 and when we reported him, he got deported , he was Indian

  19. Allison McDonald says

    What the teachers do out of school is none of the schools business.

  20. mr stunt man says

    I think some of these are stupid.
    What a teacher does outside of school time is ok as long as it is not crime.

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