School bus slides backwards down icy street in Massachusetts

No one harm after bus crammed with college students hits automobile.

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  1. Jeremy Parsons says

    The news actors sure do hype it up. Ooh no….,. Like they all died in the bus

  2. Kerkopes says

    Some heavy, orange things can't climb hills. That's why Trump uses a golf cart.

  3. savvy says

    Why couldn't it be the trump train.

  4. Macho Man Randy Savage says

    Oh god the huge manatee!

    I can’t believe some children slid slowly down a street in a gigantic armored vehicle. They almost all died.

  5. Tam E says

    Why wasn't school canceled or delayed start? I'm sure those children and the bus driver were terrified, just as the person filming the video.

  6. Jon Scott says

    Have some form of professional & don't say "oh my GOD" on NTV

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