Roger Federer – Top 10 Worst Shots Ever !? (HD)

Loads of you guys requested for me to do a prime 10 on Roger’s worst pictures, so right here it’s! Finally we get proof that he’s human?


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  1. T says

    nice compilation. The Laver cup miss at the net in the doubles match with Nadal may add to the hilarity. well technically it is not a shot since he couldn't touch the ball.. funny nonetheless 🙂

  2. mrrogers302 says

    You know you're good when even your fans can laugh about a video of your worst shots.

  3. InvaderDaniela says

    The shot against Haas I never saw it, hahaha I love them both <3

  4. Jack Li says

    This video missed 2010 Madrid Final championship point, Federer didn't hit the ball.

  5. logician008 says

    Roger Federer's 10 worst shots ever would still be my ten best shots ever.

  6. John Calvin says

    The first and last shots weren't that horrible. I can also understand the shot against Haas.

  7. 7ussam2007 says

    How come you didn't add his miss against Nadal on championship point in Madrid 2010… That was an epic miss 😂

  8. Vitor Hara says

    Lol watch the 2017 us open semis you'll see a lot of these shots in it

  9. MrPatrickbuit says

    0:47 Always loved this because when he walks away with his back facing the camera he looks seriously upset. Yet then when he turns around you see him smiling brightly, which just manages to make me chuckle every time.

  10. Jason Bowser says

    I love his reaction to some of those. On the last one, I think he started laughing before the ball even got to the net..lmao

  11. thewackykid says

    thanks… i did asked for this… this is hilarious…! 😀

  12. Cerph says

    On the last shot, it looked like Roger missed a night's sleep (he wasn't all there).

  13. biyorkman says

    Don't be precious, stupidity. There is no ability like Pete Sampras in You.

  14. The Nitroxx says

    What about the match point against nadal in madrid 2010?

  15. Yusuf Luhar says

    This is the only Federer top ten video where I can confidently say I have hit all these shots.

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