Roger Federer – Top 10 Winning Celebrations (HD)


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  1. flyvon fernandes says

    2009 french open is always special for Roger federer..Best in the world

  2. Zurganak says

    Great video, but with one glaring omission… AO 2017. Would put it in top 3, and an argument can be made for it being #1.

  3. Elle Chim says

    Who brings a fucking baby to a tennis match.

  4. Tophie Hughes says

    I hate everything about djoker. His personality, his ego, his on-court antics and bitching, the sounds he makes when hitting the ball, his giant rectangular head, everything. Fuck him. He'll never hold a candle to Roger

  5. unowen7591 says

    I loved that last one. Gives me chills.

    Too bad Djokovic got revenge at the US Open few months later.

  6. mateide123 says

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  7. Lee Ludtke says

    Also, his first Wimbledon title where he fell to his knees was special too

  8. Lee Ludtke says

    My favorite one is the win over djokovic at Roland Garros. Classic!!!!

  9. TheGreyj says

    No reaction will ever top the 2011 FO win against Djoker! He looked like the boss; I'm sure any other player would've looked like a fool with the same reaction!

  10. Android 62 says

    Yo cuando tenia 4 años me gustaba mucho roger ME VI TODOS LOS VIDEOS (please translate)

  11. Bernard Rofe says

    He always looks like he's getting tasered when he wins a grand slam…

  12. Juanmaf16 says

    masters 2006 against nadal was super special for him. but australia 2017 is my favorite one, nothing is more epic than that night.

  13. ER123 says

    where is 2007 wimbledon?

  14. TheTradge says

    2009 French Open should have been at the top, that moment when he fell to his knees always makes me choke up, he had been trying so hard for so long to win that elusive Roland Garros title, and it clearly meant so much to him, so not only the emotion of the occasion, but the magnitude of the achievement for Roger should put it ahead of the Djokovic match for me.

  15. buddy fidrooze says

    hope rog can do good at the US Open but worried about his injury in Montreal

  16. LiveFPS says

    Top 10 Andy Murray winners after making "ohh" sound

  17. Bert Labeau says

    Still get chills everytime I see that French Open victory!!

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