Roger Federer – Top 10 Very Rare Moments (HD)

Some of the extra obscure and uncommon moments in Federer’s profession, I picked solely the humorous and optimistic vibe ones, so this video could be a cheerful technique to see one thing completely different than common in terms of the swiss maestro. Hopefully you will not have seen all of those 10 clips earlier than, and if in case you have, you have to be a real fan 😉 What would you wish to be the subsequent Top 10?

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Tennis Top 10’s:

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  1. Zach Yepez says

    Did anyone else notice in the second clip they called Federer Nadal. I like them both but it confused me unless I just misunderstood. Look at 0:50

  2. Paul Quedi says

    This is still very enjoyable despite the poor video quality 🙂

  3. johnny71424 says

    the last umpire announcement was just simply super rare. i dont that ever happened nor happen again lol

  4. Dennis213100 says

    i was expecting 7 moments where he lost a point and 3 where he almost lost one but this is so diff

  5. Alicultivated says

    Excellent video. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for making this compilation for us. 😄👍

  6. Knarf Nil says

    What the umpire said after the last point sums up Federer perfectly.

  7. MCFoultier says

    has roger had the most ball contacts in tennis history? I think he´s nr5 in all time matches played, and todays rallies are just much longer than they used to be…whether he is it or not, he´s the ultimate veteran at this point in his career hehe

  8. JMElder says

    The 2nd clip, announcer said "Rafael nadal" not Federer

  9. Aisa Ampatuan says

    the last part, while fed waiting for the serve, " wait pls, we r still amazed"

  10. Mew two says


  11. KL Tah says

    Why is Roger good friends with a racist?

  12. Sabiha Hameed says

    Federer forgetting he won the match is definitely epic 😂😂😂

  13. Clorox Bleach says

    honestly, your videos are EPIC! but you are biased to Fed. a wee bit too much tbh.

  14. Sean McCormack says

    what happened at 4:33 ? were they watching a football match or something?? or another tennis match??

  15. Dhaval Brahmbhatt says

    I think someone should make "Roger Federer – best commentator reactions" video. The top one should be McEnroe saying "oh come on…."

  16. Théo Clarissou says

    Yup, Federer was a decent football player too, but in the end he chose tennis. thank god for that

  17. Bauti Cassaglia says

    hi, how do you make a compilation of videos? i mean , how do you save themin your computer?

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