Roger Federer – Top 10 Undefeated H2H Streaks (HD)


What would you prefer to be the following Top 10?

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  1. MrPatrickbuit says

    Rewatching cause Federer will play Ferrer again tonight :').

  2. Rodion Latypov says

    If I had played Roger 20 times, I would have also been in this video.

  3. tan gent says

    Quite amazing Moya never won Federer, losing even in 1999

  4. johnny71424 says

    the friendly banter between lopez and federer lol that was hilarious. federer was really flying all over the court no wonder he got such a reaction from lopez

  5. MuscleSheriff says

    I used to be a great tennis player, but then I got an arrow to the nieminen

  6. Farhaan says

    Lopez's feeling when Federer says he has got a few more years-LMAO XD

  7. satjiwan says

    Top ten surprising h2h : davydenko leads nadal, srichipan vs. federer? (Or someone else with winning record), brown vs nadal, wawrinka vs Djokovic in gs finals, Gilbert vs Becker, Santoro vs safin. Federer vs Sampras.

  8. Santi__ _ says

    3:07 LOL
    Federer: "We´ve got a few more years"
    Feliciano: "FUCK!"
    Federer: " you too man"

  9. Jonathan Garner says

    You should do a top 10 unbelievable smash gets, without the smash on smash

  10. Masterdoctorgenius14 says

    soderling and robredo would have been also on the list if they hadnt fluked one gs victory

  11. TheBigSquirrel 50 says

    Best Dustin Brown winning records: vs Nadal 2-0
    Time Span – 2014-who knows when…

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