Roger Federer – Top 10 Tasting his own medicine (HD)

Showing you 10 occasions Federer has tasted his own medicin. So many occasions has he hit winners or trick photographs past perception in opposition to his opponents, this time I present you 10 occasions he bought to expertise it from the opposite aspect of the online; )


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  1. TennisTop10's says

    Question of the day: If you managed to trick-shot Fed, what would your reaction on court be?
    – Also, in search of content for this video, I have compiled a lot of moments where players tried to tweener Fed, but failed to do so. So hit a like on the video and this comment if you want to see that 🙂

  2. Ketan Ashok says

    Yes.. But the difference between them and him and… He is still Present News

  3. Philip Lee says

    Santoro only forgot to jump in the air after the tweener

  4. Hieu Doan Trung says

    Federer is not a doctor he is a tennis player. He does not sell medicine to anyone so why does he taste his own medicine?

  5. Dain says

    This was great 🙂

  6. TheBigSquirrel 50 says

    TennisTop10's, you really need to block "Donkey Kong Federer Sucks" and "jeff afe"

    Commenters with no respect to you or tennis in general.

  7. Jonathan Cobb says

    2:36 This should have been Federer's point. Most replays clearly confirm it. Notice that Kyrgios touches the net BEFORE the second bounce. It was Laver Cup so not as crucial to make the right call on this but clearly belonged to Federer.

  8. Throwback Tennis says

    Incredible video, thank you so much! Those Russians really need to shut it, though.

  9. Edu2503 says

    What about the ULTIMATE "taste of his own medicine" shot, the "look one way, hit to the other" shot against Gulbis? Wich was also a "revenge" shot, as a matter of fact. THAT one SHOULD HAVE BEEN the N°1 shot in this video!

  10. juvo says

    kyrgios should have lost the point at 2:35, touched the net before the ball bounced twice

  11. cool dood says

    I think you spelled medicine wrong unless you did it on purpose

  12. SkyreeXScalabar says

    but how good do you have to be to have a shot that won against you to be called something that looked like yours

  13. MaxArt says

    Well, we're talking about Roddick, Del Potro, Tsonga, Kyrgios… all quite talented players.
    It's not that cannot do the same, it's that they can't do that so often 🙂

    Good thing for Roger that he more or less won all those matches XD

  14. ame7272 says

    "His own medicine"?? He's not a villain in a movie, he's a legend and his age/body is failing him as he gets older like everyone else. Tennis was never more beautiful and entertaining until Federer came. He's the GOAT.

  15. Jalen Vaughn says

    I knew the drop shot from Roddick was gonna be on here?

  16. YellowBoi YT says

    Kyrgios sabered federer in Laver Cup? that should have been on here

  17. Osama Elhady says

    Ok that Fognini shot was EXACTLY identical to Federer.

  18. Eddie Y says

    Medicine is spelled wrong in the title

  19. TheBigSquirrel 50 says

    Fed should be glad Dustin hasn't played him. This would've happened all the time

  20. Yusuf Luhar says

    Fognini and Federer was the most 'taste of his own medicine'. I literally thought Federer hit the shot before realising that Federer is on the near side of the court

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