Roger Federer – Top 10 Squash Shots (HD)

One of my favourite pictures to observe, is this tough-to-describe squash shot forehand. I hope you take pleasure in this compilation of this very tough shot, which Roger performs so effectively 10 occasions right here.


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  1. TennisTop10's says

    Let's give this video a like and share for Roger's squash-like shots, it would mean a lot 😀
    Question of the day: Who would be the better tennis player? A professional: 1) Tabe tennis player, 2) Badminton player, 3) Squash player. ? :O

  2. Erik Kerschbaumer says

    A bit of trivia: Roger actually played squash when he was younger, before soley focusing on tennis.

  3. jaygelico says

    Great list but at least an honorable mention to the one against Nadal at the AO Final awhile back. He ended up losing the point but I think it was one of the greatest squash shot gets in tennis history. One of the best overall points of all time as well.

  4. Gups says

    Top 10 sliding gets

  5. hiren Drall says

    nothing special every good tennis player can hit shot like that

  6. Joe Cromarty says

    Do you guys think that Federer playing squash at a young age was where his one handed back hand originated?

  7. demondayzzz says

    Genius – I don't know if i've seen number 10 before

  8. Da Ballerz says

    You should do a video about top ten points when toying with the opponent costs them the point.

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