Roger Federer – Top 10 Smiling after points Won (HD)

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I typically suppose that it’s moments like these that provides that little further to the sport. Because on the finish of the day, it’s a sport. And means too typically it will get too intense or too dramatic (some drama is nice, however not an excessive amount of), however it’s in unfastened, humorous and relaxed moments like these that all of us can admire how we’re purported to really feel on this nice sport of tennis. I made a decision solely to incorporate a couple of trick photographs, as these are pure to smile on after which I attempted to point out you some points you hadn’t already seen 1,000,000 occasions earlier than! What would you prefer to be the following Top 10?

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  1. Nicolas Martin says

    flow load platform careful house handle teenager race except taxpayer.

  2. the joker says

    agassi was like fuck that im too old for this shit lol.

  3. Sam Davis says

    The smile that is 2 weeks from 20 slams! Can't wait!

  4. James Mark says

    This is really getting stupid: "Roger Federer – Top 10 Smiling after points Won." What's next, "Federer top 10 points where he looks at his wife after winning the point" How about this one: "Federer's top ten points where he frowns after winning the point." How about when he looks down at the ground after winning a point or how about when he farts? This is stupid.

    This YouTuber has too much time on his hands. He needs to get a job.

  5. Pyce08 says

    top 10 Federer farts next please

  6. Wendy Szeto says

    Safin and Roger are very funny and adorable haha

  7. The Sprint says

    Thank you tennistop10's for inspiring me to make a YouTube channel and make YouTube videos. I've been watching your videos for a year now and I decided to follow in your footsteps. Thank you.

  8. Throwback Tennis says

    Top 10 winning points?
    Matches often end in the losing player making an error. How about a video of the most competitive match points?

    Top 10 types of smash?
    -Verdasco v Nadal AO SF 2009, where Feña stoops down to smash the ball
    -I believe Michaël Llodra hit a great fake smash where he pretends to belt it, then dribbles it off his racquet face
    -At least one from Monsour Bahrami, perhaps the one he hit at the World Tennis Challenge 2013… amazing!

  9. Rashmi Shetty says

    Ahh…such a beautiful player… Cant imagine life n tennis without Roger…graceful is too understatement for this man

  10. InsideOutBH says

    You'll smile like that too when you're the GOAT of an entire fucking sport. #18 Slams. <3

  11. Rylen Gamo says

    the one at 2:53 is actually one of the best points here and its a shame roger couldnt further enjoy it due to that salty bastard

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