Roger Federer – Top 10 Smiling after points Lost (HD)

As a observe as much as the earlier video of Roger Top 10 smiling after points received, I now current to you 10 occasions the place Roger has smiled when he misplaced the purpose. Whether it has been as a result of the opposite did one thing humorous or he simply laughed at his personal errors, these clips brings out the lightness and pleasure of the sport, even when going through adversity! What would you prefer to be the following Top 10?


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  1. rajivtmathew says

    Watch 0:01.
    Watch 0:03.

    Marvel at the vast difference in the sounds of the ball coming off his racket no more than 2 seconds apart.
    Speaks volumes about the range of his game and his exquisite touch.

  2. Victor Bicudo says

    Hey i've got a video sugestion. How about "Top 10 beautiful one-handed backhands you may have never seen"? Like Dusan Lajovic, Shapovalov, Stakhovsky, Dutra Silva, and so on…

  3. The Sprint says

    Thank you tennistop10's for inspiring me to make a YouTube channel and make YouTube videos. I've been watching your videos for a year now and I decided to follow in your footsteps. Thank you.

  4. Last Paradise says

    Who is the player that got the point in the last scene?

  5. germanpenn says

    Plese do a top-10 interactions with the ball-boys and judges!

  6. BigAlaMcC says

    Top 10 first service game breaks by federer.

  7. satjiwan says

    Suggestion for video: top ten winning while injured or cramping. Most recently Johnson cramping in Houston final, wins final set tiebreak. Could just be some desperation winners/points/sets. Or actually winning match. Wozniacki after full body cramps. Delpo (2015?) Wimbledon after knee tweak. Djokovic first set breathing issues, second set cramping (lost set but hit some amazing shots) then retired third set vs coria RG 2005, Sampras throwing up at us open. Macdonald with underhand serves in challenger (set only). Nadal cramping after 2011 uso match, and after 2014 RG final. More??

  8. Constance Rgt says

    Today's match between Goffin and Nadal gave me an idea for your next video : Top 10 worst overrules ^^' (or maybe you've done it already ?)

  9. M.K.D. says

    if umpire makes a wrong call, can the players ignore him and continue with the point?

  10. Ninja Loop says

    There also was a point in a match during World Tour Finals against Del Potro where Federer dominated the point and when he wanted go finish the point with an easy dropshot he completly missed it and it went into the net.

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