Roger Federer – Top 10 Ridiculous Reflexes after it Hits the Net (HD)

As Robbie Koenig would describe this..Roger Federer has reflexes of a mongoose on amphetamines. This video exhibits you 10 instances Roger has needed to react tremendous quick to a web twine hit from the opponent, whether or not it was from the baseline or at the web, Roger does it all right here.


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  1. Roshan Sreedhar says

    Once upon a time, a mongoose was on a forest, minding his business.
    One day he stumbled upon a little needle. Curious, the mongoose played around with it and ended up pricking himself with it.
    Little did the mongoose know that the needle was loaded with amphetamines.
    Uh-oh! The mongoose feels weird. He feels like he's developing reflexes. He feels the urge to react to net cords.
    Your mongoose is evolving!
    You mongoose turned into a Roger Federer!

  2. Felix Lawrence says

    Existing fifth match dad formula breast clue southern summit drop account.

  3. Fell Rider says

    This, for me, is one of the true pillars of greatness in the game – to be able to react and win a point that you are either out of position on or have no time to play the shot. Many players have the speed, strength and endurance to prepare properly but how many can conjure something out of pure nothing?

  4. Wilson says

    even when he is supposedly ridiculous he got style

  5. S K says

    come on man! bring back Roger Federer – The Dream is Real – BEL19VED – Emotional tribute (HD) video… I really like that one!!! DO IT NOW!

  6. ZanderFry says

    I hate watching sports and I hate playing tennis but I somehow came across this video and I nearly cried of joy… he is so awesome, and now I kinda wanna give tennis another try…

  7. M.K.D. says

    What is amphetamine?
    Who is mongoose?

  8. prithvi harish says

    Aweome video!! What about top 10 crucial errors/points that changed the outcome of a match?

  9. kushan shah says

    The ones against Henman, Murray, Soderling and Dodig are the best.

  10. Novak says

    Omg enough with these roger federer videos.

  11. Emanuel Schimpfössl says

    It's not reflexes, it's reaction. Reflexes are caused by the spinal, not by the brain.

  12. josemenendez says

    The one against Sampras at Wimbledon should've been there.

  13. isjawu says

    I think I watched almost all of your videos. Amazing that there is still such a lot of "new" stuff from Roger. 8 of these 10 rallies I have never seen before.

  14. Wealthy Pepsi says

    come on these arent reflexes. ever do biology in school? anyway these sort of reaction times are very normal in adults.

  15. Mark Pabalan says

    Is it bad that I've watched so many Federer top ten's that I knew what number 1 would be?

  16. Nim Rod says

    Wasn't del potro match point at the olympics a pretty good one? Correct me if I'm wrong.

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