Roger Federer – Top 10 Rare Falls (HD)

Most followers, gamers and commentators would agree, after I say that Federer has essentially the most stunning footwork of all. He floats across the courtroom, nearly as if he by no means touches the bottom. But in very uncommon circumstances, he does lose his footing, and falls down on the courtroom. I collected 10 of those circumstances so that you can see. This is just not regular for Roger in any respect, so these are all very far between. What would you wish to be the following Top 10?

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  1. El Maestro says

    You wouldn't expect to play against "Falla" and be the one who falls

  2. Paulo Bretas says

    Faltou do jogo de 2009 contra o Hewitt, ele caiu depois de um backhand slice

  3. Facepalm says

    Opponents were like "get up Roger… I won't let some grass take my glory".

  4. Noor 2016 says

    I couldn't see it cause seeing federer fall is the most harmful thing you can see💔

  5. hililala321 says

    even after a year it still hurts me to watch that one against Raonic.

  6. 國昌郭 says


  7. Lee Alex says

    All look quite painful…falling on the wrist or twisting ankle

  8. Chama Arradi says

    What is impressive in my point of view about all these falls is that he quickly stands up. Comparing to others players who stay longer on the ground.

  9. Jeremy Alan says

    I was afraid you were going to forget the Safin one. I think the one against Simon was the funniest. When the Raonic one happened I thought it was the sign that it was the END for Roger. How wrong I was!

  10. gumbo says

    Most falls are just falls, but the ones vs Raonic and Safin, especially Raonic, make me sad.

  11. J-tallica 1 says

    I thought the one against Hewitt at US open would been here, that one actually funny.

  12. Padmavathi N says

    I like federer's victory , defeat and falls. U r fabulous federer.

  13. Connor Jones says

    This video literally makes me cringe. I hate seeing him fall. Such a champion. Excellent guy. Flaws and all, we are all humans. One of the best to play tennis ever, as a player and as a man.

  14. Bryan Dyer says

    I believe you missed one against Hewitt at the US Open.

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