Roger Federer – Top 10 PROOF THAT FEDERER IS HUMAN!?! – Humanlike Whiffs (HD)

An absolute rarity from the maestro himself, however looking back it’s kinda good to see that even the very best can whiff a ball from time to time. Or possibly it’s simply his cowl up for attempting to not look too superhuman? Jokes apart, I’m very sorry for the standard of this prime 10, lots of the factors had been previous or simply onerous to search out, so I hope you possibly can nonetheless benefit from the video regardless of of this. What would you wish to be the following Top 10?

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  1. Sean L. Taylor says

    most of those misses I'd say, happened off a bad bounce due to variation in the court surface, especially in the case of clay and grass courts- "natural" surfaces. most of the whiffs also originate from the backhand side- the one-handed backhand side that requires more strength and skill to wield. ironically (?), seeing this video of rog's errors, only inspires me to further appreciate his overall tennis prowess. whether his backhand was a help or a hinderance (and both)- for rog to be so good, for so long with it, only impresses me. what a player.

  2. Andres Peirano says

    The first point was a return from a lefty kick serve. The clay ones were bad bounces.
    No proofs.

  3. Nova Strike says

    He's just tired of winning and gives others some opportunities to grab No.1 throne. That's the mighty kindness. 🙂

  4. Eliott Carrel says

    Those are just false rebounds on clay and grass courts. No proofs, he's not human at all!

  5. Roger Federer says

    Maybe it's just a tactic to miss something every now and then to keep the illusion…

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