Roger Federer – Top 10 Opening Points of a Match (HD)

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After I did this with the ATP model, I all the time needed to point out you guys a model solely with Roger’s prime 10 greatest opening factors of a match. It is basically arduous to return out firing from the very begin, although they’ve had a warmup earlier than, there all the time appears to be some nerves and passive play at first, however not all the time with Roger! What would you wish to be the subsequent Top 10?

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  1. matt langen says

    these weren't even good points you fucking retard

  2. The Sprint says

    Thank you tennistop10's for inspiring me to make a YouTube channel and make YouTube videos. I've been watching your videos for a year now and I decided to follow in your footsteps. Thank you.

  3. Rob Slangdog says

    Djokovic top ten returns. Not sure if you've already done that

  4. Lee Ludtke says

    I think I remember an opening point at the us open back in 2007 maybe? It was a drop shot that spun to the left

  5. LordBoh says

    First point of his match vs Rafa at AO 2012 would also fit well in here.

  6. Ella Bell says

    strip tremendous hunting extended line emergency double protest.

  7. Levante83 says

    Very nice video, thank you!
    I just would grave added the first point agaist Mahut at Rotterdam 2012

  8. mtuzmen says

    This is funny:
    Federer: 90 titles (11 clay) —- Nadal: 69 titles (49 clay)

  9. şeytanın avukatı says

    Good video but did u really look at all Federer's opening point which u can find

  10. Racquet4Life says

    Some more video suggestions:
    -Top 10 Wheelchair Tennis Points (Esther Vergeer, etc.)
    -ATP Tennis: Top 10 Player vs. Player Arguments (McEnroe-Paes during Kastles Match, Monaco-Lopez vs. Paes-Bhupathi, etc.)
    -Maybe some "Top 10 Points" of WTA players? It is "Tennis Top 10's" after all"
    -ATP Tennis: Top 10 Most Successful Doubles Pairings (Bryans, McEnroe's, etc.) I know you did the Top 10 Brothers in Tennis but it doesn't have to be just brothers
    -ATP Tennis: Top 10 Unusual Grand Slam Champions
    -ATP Tennis: Top 10 Unusual Winners (Mishits that ended up being good or something)
    -ATP Tennis: Top 10 Shortest Matches Ever
    -ATP/Challenger Tennis: Top 10 Ridiculous Tanks (Kyrgios at Shanghai, and you can find a TON more at the Challenger level)…
    -ATP Tennis: Top 10 Futures of American Tennis (Tiafoe, Fritz, Ryan Harrison, Jared Donaldson, etc.)
    -ATP Tennis: Top 10 Similar Game Styles (Dimitrov-Federer, etc.)

    And another idea- you get the feeling Federer will be irreplaceable, right? You should make a whole series called "The Next Federer," and include points and profiling of players who could be the next Roger Federer." You could do a couple players who could replace each of the Big Four…

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