Roger Federer – Top 10 ‘Only Tiebreak’ Matches Won (HD)

Roger Federer is also known as the very best, or at the very least among the best, at enjoying Tie-Breaks. He by some means all the time manages to deliver his A-recreation when the set hits the breaker, and this has turned out to be an important issue for a lot of of his matches all through his profession, particularly when enjoying the large-servers within the early rounds. The matches I’ve picked, is his finest 10 matches gained the place all of the units performed was in tie-breaks. What would you wish to be the subsequent Top 10?

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  1. Samuel Gauthier says

    The best one…. Federer vs Kyrgios Miami SF 2017. Surely one of the matches of the year

  2. juan antonio Ortiz says

    you should add the last match in Miami with Kyrigios. it was so fantastic tennis!

  3. KL Tah says

    why was he so happy about winning shanghai LOL

  4. Neelabh Srivastava says

    11 years later, Ljubicic is coaching Roger, and he looks exactly like he did in 2006 😛

  5. ajwasp says

    I wanna see the 2003, serve and volley, Roger Federer return. That's how the game is supposed to be played.

  6. EDS98 says

    I love ur channel!! Thanks for everything!

  7. Padmaja Ogale says

    thax i m diehard fan of RF… this video is treat to watch

  8. karma says

    top 10 most ace in 1 match

  9. 97kos says

    11 years after very amazing final, Ljubicic is the coach of Roger… What strange and rare situation xD

  10. Sports Channel says

    You need to add Juan Martin Del Potro vs Novak Djokovic 2016 Olympics R1
    7-6 / 7-6

  11. mmm6325 says

    Masters finals need to go back to best of 5.

  12. M.K.D. says

    who has won most 5 set matches?

  13. M.K.D. says

    what is the difference between ATP and WTA?

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