Roger Federer – Top 10 ‘Only Roger can do’ Points of 2017 (HD)

The greatest comeback you may have ever seen!?
I present you Roger Federer’s greatest 10 factors of 2017 to date, and may have tons extra in retailer for you all, so be sure you subscribe to this channel, TennisTopTribute channel AND go like our fb web page TennisTube to maintain updated with every part we do.
What would you prefer to be the following Top 10?


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  1. johnny71424 says

    The last one was really such a great video to learn how to construct a point.

  2. amanda davis says

    Today is Halloween, 2017. Federer just won the Basel Open in Switzerland last weekend. His 7th title of the year.

    Federer and Nadal have made this the most incredible season for men's tennis ever.

  3. Vimal Haridas says

    That drop shot against Berdych in Miami.. it's so ridiculous it should be banned. Lol

  4. Caster Pointless says

    1:19 I don't think anyone appreciates Mischa's bravery in that rally, notice how even after that smash he just blocks it and moves back in? Mischa could definetely get comeback player of the year…

    Edit: just noticed after watching that point that a ballboy actually went to grab the ball…

  5. Rob Lidster says

    I love the drop shot against Berdych. Like he's mesmerized.

  6. Cerph says

    Roger hits winners off of winners (shots that would have ended the point, if played by anyone else).

  7. tyron4 says

    Berdych rxn is the best 😂

  8. DarkPit07 says

    Do a Top 100 trickshots of The real GOAT Dustin Brown!

  9. PrkrMc says

    You could've seriously used all points won by Roger in the match against Berdych in the Australian Open. Or the match won against Nadal at Indian Wells. Federer simply disassembled both players. His level at both of those games was simply 2-3 gears above his regular level.

  10. Raz Ols says

    Nice to have you back mate! Brilliant as always

  11. Jack Liu says

    That is why Federer is easily the GOAT. He is doing the equivalent of what Michael Jordan does — In tennis. The level of difficulty, pure skill and IQ is unparalleled. None of been able to do what he does.

  12. allan george rance says

    Hard court season is coming up nadal cant play as much because he wrinch is ankle in the 4th round at wimbleon…for federer he is not going to play much tennis…so lets see.

  13. Tom Deverson says

    1:43 is a brilliant shot but Nadal has done this at least 100 times in his career.

  14. Yusuf Luhar says

    Brilliant video. Ive seen all these shots already but to see them again in one video is stunning. Thanks very much. Roger and Rafa r having a brilliant year so far.

  15. gilou 28 says

    fabulous, the god of tennis, he plays points who don't exist

  16. abc123iamhesham says

    Federer and Nadal have truly brought tears to my eyes this year. 3 out 4 grand slams so far have been won by these 2 legends. Unbelievable… literally a decade later and they still own the sport.

  17. karan chadha says

    there's one where he hit drop shot off the serve against Raonic.

  18. Akhil Sai says

    The one against Nadal is still the best one😘😘

  19. thewackykid says

    how about do a "worst 10 shots by roger federer?" i'm a great federer fan and he may be the GOAT.. but there are also times when he is human… it'll be funny to see some of the worst errors he has made.. lol…

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