Roger Federer – Top 10 monster 2nd serves (HD)


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  1. Runar Hansson says

    Federer-Djokovic, Wimbledon 2015 F, second set tiebreaker. Djokovic up 7-6. Federer comes up with maybe the greatest kick serve (2nd serve) I've ever seen considering the stake of the match. Really missed that one…

  2. timlamiam says

    sampras in his prime would've given Fed and any of the current big 4 huge problems if he were in his prime today.

  3. Starigniter Wanders says

    Did you think about correcting instead of re-uploding videos? You could include 2nd serve from Wimbledon 2015 in 2nd tie-breaker. That one was a huge serve!

  4. MartijnGesink says

    Wasn't the serve against Gasquet (London WTF 2013) a 1st serve? (Commentators announce the point with 'BP Gasquet' and are also impressed by the relatively low speed of the serve)

  5. Cerph says

    Well, if the phrase is true- "you're as good as your 2nd serve"- then Roger is great- (killer kick serve).

  6. J'zargo says

    What's that coming over the hill?

  7. unowen7591 says

    1:38 I hate when commentators say this. "Only 99 mph."

    Yeah. I can hit 20 mph if I'm lucky, thanks for making me feel like shit

  8. Warrior Son says

    And THAT children, is why a single handed backhand is better…

    Most of these guys would've been able to reach the ball if they didn't have 2 handed backhands.

  9. Daniel Ko says

    Get some better hd becuz this is not hd

  10. TheBigSquirrel 50 says

    Since you did Federer's worst shots, maybe Nadal's/Djokovic's/Murray's worst shots?

  11. Lucas Lobo says

    You can showcase the last match won and then tell us the time span of the streak

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