Roger Federer – Top 10 matches Schooling Youngsters (HD)


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  1. PA Games says

    Watching him destroy Tomic made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

  2. Evan Darce says

    Should've included the Marcus Willis match for fun

  3. sports4eva115 says

    the tomic clinic was so satisfying to watching given the little twat's recent statements

  4. dennis copp says

    Where can I find the thumbnail… asking for a friend

  5. Chakraborty says

    Federer Schooled Delpo so well that it cost him USO in same year

  6. Tanhlei says

    Big squirrel50 is everywhere lol

  7. Daryl Castillo says

    Things in tennis that are the most entertainingly beautiful to watch: Bahrami's hilarious showmanship, Brown's outrageous shot-making, and Federer when he dominates a match through sheer artistry.

  8. Toun says

    That match against Tomic was a masterpiece made of delicious volleys and dropshots. A tennis lesson against such an unbearable player

  9. Alvaro Quezada says

    Wtf is that thumbnail xD anyways, if it's federer then it's a good video

  10. Yusuf Luhar says

    Immediate like. I know its gonna be a great vid.

  11. MamushiLT says

    I saw most of these live but that match against Coric, you almost felt bad for the guy. Playing his best Tennis the matches before then just got torn apart by Federer.

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