Roger Federer – Top 10 Longest Rallies (HD)


What would you prefer to be the following Top 10?

This channel is devoted to tennis Top 10 movies, largely of Roger, but additionally from different gamers. Please assist me get this channel up and operating, by sharing and subscribing. Check out my different channel for tennis tributes under.

Tennis Tributes:

Tennis Top 10’s:

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  1. k0c1l says

    Next suggestion: Top 10 serve+1 ?

  2. Natesh S says

    Rafa is thinking "But this is just regular service games, no? "

  3. AnandSundresh says

    You should have included Federer vs Hewitt 33 strokes rally at Halle in 2010 Final.

  4. majd Ezzarouali says

    top 10 federer wasting match points / top 10 surprises / top 10 shortest matchs

  5. TheLuis says

    Top 10 Federer slice battles or Top 10 Federer Matches 😀

  6. LiNk6Mx says

    Top 10 shanks/mishits and top 10 beautiful strokes, both for Fed

  7. yanolopuedo says

    Top 10 most humiliating defeats (like Federer winning 2 sets 6-0 on Hewitt in the US open final)

  8. Anthony Hirsch says

    Top 10 Olympics Points , Top 10 Juniors Points, Top 10 One-in-a-Million Things (Hitting bird, ball boy catch, etc.) ,Top 10 Behind-the-back shots, Best Point From Every Single Top 25 Player

  9. killermongo says

    I love your videos, you are the best!!!❤️

  10. FRSUPRA says

    Top 10 greatest come back from injury

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