Roger Federer – Top 10 Insane Defensive Points (HD)


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  1. Pedro Poyares says

    People forget about Davydenko. This is the player that made Federer perform his hardest defensive points. The tennis court for him was like a "ping-pong" table.

  2. Laurent Grimal says

    Ager seeing this, can anyone still pretend that Federer has not slowed down on the court? People arguing Djokovic having a positive head to head record, which he penibly reached a short while ago, at a moment where Federer has already lost 20% of his speed. He absolutely doesn’t showcase that same kind of explosiveness anymore. In his youth he had speed to equal Nadal and Monfils. Exceptional.

  3. AtticussAtticuss says

    It's interesting to note how many of these crazy defensive points came in matches that Fed was losing or behind in. I think an underrated part of Fed's game is his ability raise his game during pressure moments and his disciple to not expend unnecessary energy. In matches when he is ahead he often coasts on his great serve and doesn't bother scampering all over the court every point. That way he can save himself for the later rounds. I think that is part of the reason he is the most accomplished tournament player of all time.

  4. Ahmed Krnjic says

    Just one suggestion: put a number somewhere so we know on which place which point is.

  5. Samy_Jonas says

    Those Federer – Davydenko matches were so goddamn entertaining… Too bad he (Davydenko) left out of the picture early. Just shows how much of a legend Federer is. Even at his age, he competes against the very best. Whether he wins or not, he truly is an inspiration to the younger generations.

  6. Osama Elhady says

    The one against Djokovic at this year's AO should've been no 1

  7. bruceschaffer101 says

    Thanks for posting another terrific video. I particularly appreciate you posting this one today, the day after Federer announced he'll be taking the rest of the year off to heal.

  8. LiNk6Mx says

    I remember this video.. A favorite. All the points are the same, right? You mixed up the audio and zoomed in on some clips it looks like. Don't remember if the original was exactly the same.

  9. Mohammed Khalid says

    thats why he is greatest of all,, Legend of tennis ,, i watch tennis just for him 😍😍👍👍

  10. salveson per kristian says

    Fed vs Isner, US Open 2015, Fed has a sick defensive play followed by a great winner, should definately have been in the list!

  11. Absol says

    Anyone have tips on serving, I'm struggling on serving

  12. Petar Pervan says

    After seeing what Karlovic does at the age of 37,I'm still confident about Roger!

  13. TheBigSquirrel 50 says

    Behind every great offense is a great defense. That's Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer in their prime.

    Behind every over used defense is a terrible offense… Murray until his aggressive years.

    Behind every great player is one over emotional fan… that's me behind Dustin. GOAT FOR LIFE!

  14. Roshan Sreedhar says

    have you ever thought about making a Novak Djokovic video? Best backhands or something?

  15. Jacob Gonzales says

    What do you think of Roger's announcement that he won't be playing for the remainder of 2016?? Great video, btw!!

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