Roger Federer – Top 10 Heartbreaking Losses (HD)

Naturally, when having performed 1300+ matches on the tour, there shall be lots of memorable matches, each good and unhealthy. This video takes a take a look at a few of the hardest matches that Roger misplaced, largely chosen due to the significance of the match or how shut they have been. To be sincere, I believe lots of these matches, as heartbreaking as they have been, solely inspired Roger to be higher, work tougher, and win extra in the long term. But within the second, these are definately not the recollections any RF fan or Federer himself, shall be very glad about. What would you prefer to be the subsequent Top 10?

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  1. Thomas brunkle says

    Federer is the king of tennis but he is also the king of unforced errors, chokes, heartbraking and unpredictable losses, in other words, federer chose to make his career far less satisfying than it what actually should've been.

  2. Mark Edwards says

    For all you Roger Federer fans who call themselves Christians, the Bible says thou shall put no other gods before thee. And Roger himself is supposed to be a Catholic. He is a man. We come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing. And for any Christians reading this, read Psalm 49. It speaks of how the people will adore those who are wealthy who take care of themseves eventhough no man can purchase salvation. I pray people will examine themsevles and see idolatry is destructive.

  3. TheKDX7 says

    All finals of Monte Carlo and Rome and the Olympic's games in 2012 are the most "heartbreaking losses" because he has never win these titles :'(

  4. Vitor Hara says

    I don’t think a lot of these were heartbreaking…

  5. David Marcano Salcedo says

    The 2009 Miami Master semi-finals between Jokovish and Federer should have been in the list!!!

  6. Pablo Celada Martín says

    These moments of defeat to Roger have meant moments of victory and hapinness to other great players like Novak, Rafa or Andy. That is the difference between tennis and other sports. Obviously everyone have some fav players that they want them to win as much as possible but when they don't, true tennis fans can see and appreciate the great achievements of their rivals and this way, feel happy for them too so, these moments might be disappointing for Roger's fans but they cannot deny the beauty inside them and how well-deserved were they for other players. I honestly cry tears of joy for Rafa winning Wimbledon 2008, or Delpo winning US Open 2009 or Andy winning the gold medal.
    True tennis fans will understand!!

  7. btez31 says

    The toughest would have to be Wimbeldon 2008 against Nadal. He probably wins 7 straight otherwise

  8. johnny71424 says

    this video makes me sick for the whole day every time i watch it arrrggghhhh. but he still was is and will forever be my favorite.

  9. Centre Court says

    Well that was utterly depressing. ..don't know why I watched it ?!

  10. reelkena says

    I didn't know Roger had 10 losses…

  11. Gorana Roso says

    I think you should understand that there arwe many heartbraking losses of Roger's opponents who lost against him.Roddick's Wimbledon 2009 final loss,Leaonardo Mayer's loss in Shangai in 2015,because he was so close to victory,and in way Čilić's match,because he was playing Roger in Wimbledon final,and he could not play at his very best due to blisters.Also,Nadal's loss in this year's AO final.He was trying really hard,and still it was not enough.

  12. JK Calicut says

    True Champion we have to learn a big lesson from him though we will lose some point of time but we have to fight until that; all his defeats were 5 set marathon Matches (Grand Slam)

  13. David says

    very misleading title. just look at some of the players that have lost the deciding matches in davis cup for true heartbreak moments

  14. sr!kk says

    Great video… but by his own admission his loss against Hewitt in Davis cup semis 2003 is by far the toughest loss Roger had endure…

  15. Popenut! says

    Marat , was Roger other nemesis besides Nadal

  16. LattiMonstaaa says

    You can tell from the way the commentators say "he defeats Roger Federer" that its almost a bigger achievement to do that than to win the tournament

  17. Yi JIANG says

    The US open agains Del Potro was the hardest one.

  18. A Nathan says

    This is hard to watch but it makes seeing his victories that much sweeter

  19. aziz Shaikh says

    Its Federer who himself beats him.
    His most of losses came because of his stupid unforced errors rather than opposition beating him.

  20. dhaferca says

    well any tennis player make history when they beat the monster of the game
    and dont forget federer the king 19 gs and still counting im sure he will reach 22 gs

  21. Paul Cristian says

    US Open '11 to Novak? Yeah, two match points on his serve, but being defeated by Djokovic in 2011 can't be a painful thing, I would rather see his defeat to Novak in 2015 on grass and to Rafa in Australia 2012 as painful moments for him, not to mention 5 setters aren't necessarily the worst losses, think of Roland Garros 2008 or losing the Olympic Gold to Andy in 2012.

  22. Ralph Adamo says

    Why do so many of these players have to lay on their backs after winning the final point of the match against Federer? It's almost as bad as jumping up and down and showboating after a win. What happened to the grand tennis tradition of raising your arms and racket briefly in victory and then walking briskly to the net for a gentlemanly handshake and/or hug?

  23. Realistic Tennis Elbow Gamer says

    Anyway losing to Murray at the olympics was not that bad, because that was only time I've seen Murray playing on a such a high level he beat djoko in straight sets to the final and he also did dismiss RF in 3 straight sets.
    And the most hurtful is indeed the Wimbledon one losing against Nadal which was undoubtedly the best match ever in tennis history. It's painful for Rog mostly cause he lost ag Nadal on his favourite surface at his favourite tournament… :/

  24. Aale CAT says

    Nalbandian y Del Potro ganando en este vídeo, orgullo argentino !

  25. Ji Pí says

    Not sure if i want to watch this

  26. markorevan says

    Too many to pick:Australian Open – 2002,2003,2005,2009Roland Garross – 2011Wimbledon – 2001,2008,2014,2015,2016Us Open – 2009,2010,2011,2015Hamburg – 2006WTF Masters – 2002,2005,2012

  27. midas8456 says

    Marat Safin – Roger Federer , Australian Open -2005 ,Best match in history

  28. M.K.D. says

    can someone please list all matches which he lost after having match points?

  29. Byrne 345 says

    The thing is if you look at the opponents they go crazy after winning one match

  30. Lorgx says

    Soooo by giving this video a "Like" is saying you "like" to see Roger lose. You guys are some cruel people…….546 Likes to be exact.

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