Roger Federer – Top 10 Grunting Points (HD)

A rarity from the Maestro, however nonetheless, listed below are his prime 10 factors the place he has grunted. Not ALL he has gained, and he isn’t grunting on ALL pictures, however at some factors in these he does. I hope you take pleasure in 🙂


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  1. TennisTop10's says

    Question of the day: What would be the biggest difference if Federer and Nadal had each others grunts? (With RF normally silent) :O

  2. Fame Legend says

    Federer used to grunt a bit in his peak/prime years.

  3. akin1989 says

    Miss Davydenko so much! So underrated and one of the few guys that was not afraid to go fh to fh against Federer

  4. LiNk6Mx says

    Federer- top 10 crowd reactions to great points

  5. Taka says

    Carlos Berlocq – Top 10 quietest points

  6. M.K.D. says

    So he grunts too! Is there anything he doesn't do?

  7. Alifian Adrizal says

    I wish Nadal and Sharapova grunt less, n Federer grunts more 😀

  8. LiNk6Mx says

    Can you do a version of this with Federer winning all points? Love the Berdych one. It's in Raz Ols top 10 fist pumps too

  9. SL9SH says

    I find he normally does this when he is under severe stress (physical or emotional) and doing 110% so if you hear him grunt, you better finish off the point quick or bad things will happen

  10. GameJester says

    Great video! This is probably a tough one but can you do fastest serves by Federer? He supposedly served 143 in Halle 2010 but I could never find footage of it.

  11. bui nhat says

    Top 10 Nadal Grunting Points? Oh it must be Top 10000000000 xD

  12. Schmuddel says

    This video is a showcase of why clay is boring, when even the strong forehand of Federer requires some grunting power to get competitive speed.

  13. Yusuf Luhar says

    The last one, the backhand pass against Nadal with the scream is my favourite

  14. TheEpicOne says

    Please post some more doubles videos, some high quality doubles points out there!

    BTW, I am huge fan of your work!

  15. Ethan istanforCBE says

    Yeah i expected the berdych point lol. He was so fuckin pumped up in that one

  16. Sidd Sakhamuri says

    I had to use my headphones to hear some of his grunts! Now, there's a sentence I never thought I'd use for a tennis player lol

  17. Chris Marchi says

    Omg I’ve been waiting this video for ages!!! I LOVE YOU

  18. The Notorious says

    Most of them on clay, clay is needs too much energy to play

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