Roger Federer – Top 10 Genius Fake shots (HD)


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  1. Luka Banic says

    I am a nadal fan, but i gotta say this : roger has the best fake shot ever!!!

  2. Tung Do says

    I know what number 1 is going to be already.

  3. johnny71424 says

    Most of these videos give me goosebumps 😂😆 the one against gulbis is intimidating and humiliating no wonder gulbis hates Roger lol

  4. Kosmiczne Opowieści says

    There were very few individuals who were so above everyone else. Beethoven in music. Newton in science. And Federer in sports.

  5. Air Guitar says

    Admit it, we've all seen the last point just so many times!

  6. Arm Leg says

    Here before the Dustin Brown fans. VAMOS.

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