Roger Federer – Top 10 Forehand Drop Shots (HD)

A phenomenal but tremendous tough shot to execute to perfection..however in fact Roger has that nailed down 😉 Enjoy this compilation of 10 instances Federer has made the forehand drop shot look simple!


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  1. TennisTop10's says

    Question of the day: Does anyone else hit the forehand drop shot as beautifully as Roger? This is a shot he started using to win French Open 2009, and since then he has added it to his amazingly large collection of shots in his repetoire 😀

  2. Dr Sarcasm says

    Doing a forehand drop shot and the ball lands close to the net on opponent's side of the court is a hard thing to do. It takes a genius to make that kind of shot CONSISTENTLY and so far, ONLY Federer can do that shot consistently.

  3. Coke Vallejo says

    is it too much saying that this man's 2017 has made mine better? ? hahaah

  4. unowen7591 says

    One dislike. Who's it gonna be? Donkey Kong? Banana shot?

  5. Tennistic - Daily Tennis Video! says

    I´ve played so many tennis matches and I think my opponent has never played this shot haha Roger can play literally EVERY shot in the game…

  6. philip kertesz says

    He's incredible with that shot. He's like an artist painting on a canvas so smoothly. Simply the best.

  7. Ciprian Ghenghea says

    Whos is better at his peak level Novak Roger or Rafa ? Respond to me pls

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