Roger Federer – Top 10 Finger Wag Moments (HD)

One of Roger’s most iconic celebrations is the finger wag. He does not use it that always, however when he does, it’s particular. There will likely be no factors awarded for guessing the primary choose for this video although, a second that the tennis world will always remember. What would you prefer to be the following high 10?

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  1. bugwandis says

    Number 1 had to be. The ultimate moment.

  2. Marek Bartošík says

    Watch 4:55 how Roger step out of shadow. What a iconic situation for that part of season!

  3. AnandSundresh says

    Federer's finger wag after hitting a no look-running backwards forehand squash shot against Nalbandian @ the French Open in 2006 should have been in the list somewhere.

  4. solomon visigoth says

    Love that growl like gesture after the cocky finger waggling with that contemptuous head shake.

  5. coughhy says

    Do a top 10 of Federer nose-picking moments please. He doesn't do it that often, but when he does, you know it is special.

  6. Karan Vekaria says

    I am dying to find out the reason behind his first celebration, the 1551? Anyone?

  7. Tom D says

    goose bumps every time i see the RG 2011 celebration over djoko.

  8. Serena is the G.O.A.T says

    Literally cringed at the finger wag vs Nadal considering that Nadal was exhausted and the 23-11, 9-2 dominance that Nadal has had over Floperer, but then I guess after the 3 grand slam smack downs that Rafa handed Roger from 2008-09 he needed to have his cocky moment in front of Nadal's people before Nadal handed him his next smack down.

  9. Joseph Li says

    I think we all knew what #1 was gonna be

  10. Roshan Sreedhar says

    The last one: it look almost like Federer is looking straight at the Djokovic camp when he does that. savage

  11. KarlMalowned32 says

    Federer waving that single digit!!! That French Open match against Djokovic is my favorite match in the Djokovic/Federer rivalry.

  12. Ben Ashley says

    getting a bit desperate for video ideas are we?

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