Roger Federer – Top 10 Down the line Slice Passing Shots (HD)

A shot that only some gamers is ready to play, however one which Roger has actually mastered. This shot solely works as a result of he is aware of the place his opponent is, goes, and that they might suppose him to chip a cross courtroom slice or lob, and subsequently not count on the down the line slice passing shot.


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  1. J says

    over the top commentary – Patrick McEnroe et. al.

  2. Germ Martian says

    The most beautiful shot of all time. Just a suggestion, I don't know why you limit yourself (or selves*) with just 10 points. I mean, a rare shot like this, it's not like we're choosing between 100 shots. Maybe Federer has played this shot just 12 times in his whole career, why don't do it this way (against Agassi in AO 05 and Cilic W 16). Funny and stupid that I say this to you, TennisTop10 (10!= 10 and not 11 or 12…) XD Just that, nice selection, I love it.

  3. 。わい says

    I am Japanese.
    I love Roger Federer.😍

  4. MUFC KODI says

    Missed the big one against Djokovic at the Australian Open

  5. Lucas M says

    3:19 he didn't even change his grip 😛
    Beautiful selection!

  6. satjiwan says

    next video is almost done, "Top 10 down the line slice passing shots vs roddick"

  7. LotusFX says

    Those dislikes are definitely all Roddick.

  8. Anthony Zhang says

    Please do a top 10 fastest tiafoe forehands cause he hit a ton of those in the 2017 us open

  9. Primal Instinct says

    I love that look he gives after each one, "that was just too easy"

  10. M.K.D. says

    How is it different from banana shot of nadal?

  11. K FF says

    Where's the one against Cilic in Wimbledon 2016? That was arguably the best one!!

  12. Siddharth Paratkar says

    Every time I try that shot, I always chip it in because I'm afraid I won't have enough slice on the ball to curve it in.

  13. sport tv says

    اشتركوا في قناتي فيها فيديوهات رائعة عن التنس

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