Roger Federer – Top 10 Crazy Improvisations (HD)

Roger Federer’s craziest improvisations 2015 | Re-upload | I hope you get pleasure from! These factors are wonderful :O

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  1. TennisTop10's says

    Question of the day: Rafa saved 2 MP against Pouille in Beijing first round. Does this mean he will win the Tournament now? Or you think he is going to lose in the next rounds? (Would love to hear some reasoning behind answers as always). 🙂

  2. Ruihan Wang says

    the second volley was so good that my computer lagged

  3. Air Guitar says

    Groth's volley's were very poor. I know Fed was smashing bh's at him but he could've at least tried to direct the ball towards the alleys.

  4. charles pinto says

    I love how in all the 2015 aussie open clips feds shirt just glows like hes a god. Which he is

  5. Ciprian Ghenghea says

    Give credit to Wawrinka for his backand.That's the best backand and the most beautiful.Also other subjects to discuss:For example i claim that the best rivalry is Nole-Rafa.Who do you think would win on grass at the net: Pistol Pete or Roger.Who win on clay Federer-Djokovic:i think it it 52%-48% for Nole cuz Novak is more rezistent phisiqe and stronger mental.

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