Roger Federer – Top 10 Contrapié passingshots (HD)

Before you remark, I will let you recognize that by this class, I solely included the contrapié passingshots, so the opponent needs to be on the internet. Also, the opponent has to return from one aspect of the courtroom and search in direction of the center, solely to be performed again round. That is why the purpose the place Federer slices and Berdych falls is NOT included, as a result of he was from the center of the courtroom and Federer hit a cross slice, not contrapié (again to similar aspect). What would you wish to be the subsequent Top 10?

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  1. Mila Martens says

    Principal bend sanction maker out hall cow teenage technology.

  2. Patrick says

    "There's the match player. He's got this silky exterior, but underneath…." lies an even silkier interior. Like a Swiss praline chocolate

  3. Sidd Sakhamuri says

    One simply doesn't start a French-Spanish duel, with a single word!

  4. a.m. says

    At 1:15 a plane flies from Miami to London instantly.

  5. Valzy says

    Happy New Year and wish for Roger an 18th Slam this year 🙂

  6. Teddy Betesh says

    No matter how many GS's Novak wins, he will just never be on the level Roger was on.

  7. KongthePotato says

    Could the next top 10 be Top 10 Shots After Being Lobbed by Federer? It would be so cool.

  8. Marcelo Calarota says

    Excellent video, as always. But I was expecting the passing against Berdych in UsOpen, when Tomas falls…

  9. Romain Duval says

    Please Roger could you respect your opponents sometimes

  10. Lukas Cools says

    Nice video!
    What about a top 10 best looking outfits from Federer?

  11. Killer Gamer says

    Hey great video ! But "contrapié" means nothing, it's "contre-pied"
    There is no word in english to say that ?

  12. JBTennis says

    He can just flick his wrist and the ball will go exactly where he wants it

  13. Quentin Fillieux says

    It's called the " contre-pied ", not the "contrapié". Great Video ^^ !

  14. Starigniter Wanders says

    As I assume they all are making the same mistake: after split-step they should stop instead of moving in the direction before. Am I right?

  15. pajarosnaranja says

    I was about to post something like: "where is that backhand slice against Berdych at the 2012 Us Open???"

    But then I looked at the description…

    Good work for the video though!

  16. Nick36292 says

    Great Video again! Just wondering if you would do a Top 10 best points / shots for Del Potro or Raonic! Thanks. 🙂

  17. cosmito6 says

    Please, can you do Top-10 Federer points vs Agassi?

  18. 619BossDogg says

    Haha it's in Spanish and it means wrong footed.

  19. Antho o says

    "Contrapié" is a french word ?

  20. Ben says

    It's actually called a "contre-pied" (French)

  21. juanoshigeru says

    Wow, is it actually called "contrapié" in english? Im from mexico so in spanish, yes, its called contrapié obviously… didnt know it was the exact same thing in english though haha

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